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Staycations have been growing as a popular holiday option in the UK for years. But new concerns over ISIS and travelling abroad are apparently encouraging more Brits to stay home this year. Caravan manufacturers and dealers report some of the strongest sales they have ever seen, with some dealers actually having sold every unit on the lot. If you are planning a caravan staycation for the first time this year, we encourage you to reserve your caravan towing course now.

Although there are exceptions to the rule, most drivers who got their car licences after 1 January 1997 will need a Category B+E licence to tow a standard touring caravan. Licence categories are based on vehicle weight and, in the case of towing a trailer, the combined weights of both the trailer unit and tow vehicle. Any combination exceeding 3,500 kg requires the additional entitlement.

Training for the Car and Trailer Test

Obtaining a Category B+E licence requires taking and passing the car and trailer test. This test involves a combination of driving skills and practical demonstration. There is no theory test, given that car drivers already demonstrated their knowledge of theory when they obtained their Category B licences.

Our caravan towing course teaches students everything they need to know in order to successfully pass the car and trailer test. In terms of physical driving skills, we teach students how to perform controlled stops, properly accelerate and turn corners, and even successfully manoeuvre their units into parking spaces. We give students plenty of time to practice prior to taking the test as well.

In terms of practical demonstration, examiners are interested to know whether or not candidates possess the knowledge to perform routine tasks associated with trailer towing. For example, a candidate may be asked to demonstrate how to check fluid levels before beginning a journey. Candidates will definitely be required to prove they can safely couple and uncouple their caravans.

Don’t Get Caught Driving Illegally

The HGV Training Centre encourages all caravan owners to know and understand the law on towing. We say this because the vast majority of people cited for towing without the proper licence have no idea, before being pulled over by police, that they need the additional licence entitlement. You can avoid this kind of trouble simply by educating yourself in the law and, if necessary, getting the trailer entitlement.

You can take the car and trailer test without undergoing formal training. However, we believe training is in your best interests. In 2015, the pass rate for the car and trailer test was 69.5%. While that is an excellent number, 90% of the students enrolled across all of our training programmes pass at the first go. Training with us prepares you to take and pass the car and trailer test in a single attempt.

Now is the time to reserve your caravan towing course. Call us for more information about courses in your local area.


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