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Now that the UK has finally left the European Union, it means big changes are on the way for the country and those who intend to find worth here. As stated by Home Secretary Priti Patel, a brand new points-based system or commonly known as Post-Brexit Immigration Policy will come into force on the 1st January 2021. This is designed in a move to reinforce control over the UK’s borders and attract the ‘brightest and best’ skilled workers from around the world.

Assigning points or particular skills, salaries, professions and qualifications, those wanting to come to the UK for work will only be awarded visas when a sufficient amount of points are achieved. Whilst this might seem, at first glance, like a restriction on freedom of movement, it’s actually good news for those looking to HGV driving as a career.

The Guidelines

Since the UK referendum of 2016 put the country on a course to leave the EU, there has been much doubt about what it will mean for foreign nationals working in the UK. Some of this uncertainty has now been removed with the publication of the new criteria that need to be met by those looking for the UK work VISA. One of the primary reasons why the new rules / Post-Brexit Immigration Policy is good news for the local residents is that there is currently a shortfall of around 59,000 HGV drivers, and getting a work visa won’t be that easy for non-UK nationals.

The rules governing who can legally work in the UK are designed to attract the talent that is so clearly lacking in the UK workforce right now. In addition to being able to speak English, have a job offer in hand and a salary in excess of £25,600/year, there needs to be a requirement for the specific skills offered by the individual and as far as HGV driving as a profession goes, it’s a skill that’s not just needed, but in high demand.

If you have all the right skills to be an HGV driver, you will have no trouble in finding work in the post-Brexit logistics industry. With a valid CPC and a Cat 2 HGV licence, you can expect to earn in the region of £23,000-27,000/year, with even more being offered to those with an HGV CAT C+E licence.

Whether you’re a current EU or non-EU citizen with an HGV CAT C or CAT C+E licence, the job landscape in the UK – which is already crying out for HGV drivers – is set to become even more of an opportunity-rich environment. All that you need to do is ensure that you have the right qualifications to take advantage.

HGV Driving – A Career with A Bright Future

In areas like London where Class 2 HGV drivers can expect a salary of £26k, there will be plenty of work opportunities for both UK and non-UK residents. However, starting salaries across the rest of Britain is not as high, with the average sitting at around £24k in the Midlands and 22k in the North of England and Scotland. Regardless of your nationality, there is a significant opportunity for retraining and upskilling within the logistics industry.

CAT C driver avg salary map UK

The fact is that the HGV skills gap is not likely to disappear anytime soon, which means that those with advanced driving qualifications like HGV CAT C and HGV CAT C+E have a prolonged, profitable career in the UK – particularly as there will be a reduced amount of competition from the UK and non-UK drivers for work. The laws of supply and demand also dictate that salaries will also rise, adding even more job security for those with the skills to make use of it.

With a host of companies like Amazon who are providing 90% of the training cost for their employees through us and finance providers like IKANO Bank offering finance to get your HGV training at affordable rates, there has never been a better time to take that step and change your life. The post-Brexit logistics industry doesn’t care where you’re from. What really matters is whether you’ve got requisite qualifications.

It’s certainly worth looking into, we think you’ll agree.


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