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A recent article published by the Shoreham Herald served as a good reminder to business owners that retained firefighters gain skills that might benefit employers in the long run. The story profiled six firefighters who recently left full-time service and are now heading to retained positions in Shoreham, Storrington, East Preston, and East Grinsted.

West Sussex deputy fire chief Lee Neale told the Shoreham Herald that the retained duty system requires the cooperation of employers willing to allow their workers to respond to emergencies at a moment’s notice. In return, those workers might be bringing skills they learned during fire training back into the work environment. Neil specifically mentioned LGV training as an example.

Some retained firefighters undergo LGV training in order to legally operate fire trucks. Without such training, the vehicles would be useless for their intended purpose. Drivers undergoing training receive an upgraded licence and are then eligible to drive other LGVs of similar size and weight. A company in need of an LGV driver could benefit by hiring a firefighter who does not need additional company training.

As an added benefit, firefighters are trained to be cautious and safety minded. Such a mindset would hopefully translate into driving commercial vehicles on behalf of the employer. We do not think it is any stretch to say that the trained firefighter would be a safe commercial driver under normal circumstances. Obviously, there are exceptions to every rule.

At the HGV Training Centre, we are in full support of the retained duty model for firefighters. Moreover, we are glad to know that the LGV training firefighters receive can benefit their employers at the same time. It provides a nice incentive for companies to allow their workers to be part of the local fire department.

LGV Training Requirements

If you are interested in undergoing LGV training without being a retained firefighter, you can do so by attending classes offered through the HGV Training Centre or another similar organisation. The HGV Training Centre is one of the leading providers of commercial driver training in the UK. We make training for your LGV licence fast and hassle-free.

The requirements for LGV training are as follows:

Students who meet all four requirements are welcome to sign up for training courses at one of our 45+ facilities around the UK. Those who need assistance completing medical paperwork or preparing for the theory test can also get in touch with us. We would be happy to help you through these initial stages of your training as well.

Once you have passed the theory test, you are eligible to begin practical skills training at one of our facilities. That training includes both classroom instruction and time behind the wheel. In just a matter of weeks, you could be ready to take your final practical skills test and begin looking for work.


Shoreham Herald – http://www.shorehamherald.co.uk/news/local/six-retained-firefighters-join-service-1-6002124


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