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HGV drivers searching for the Swift Group factory outside of Cottingham are finding themselves unwittingly led through the centre of town only to wind up at the front entrance of the factory. The problem is that the vehicles cannot enter the grounds using the front entrance. That means they have to turn around, go back through the village, and find the rear entrance off the A1079. Not only is this an inconvenience to drivers, it is also causing traffic congestion in Cottingham.

As a provider of HGV training in East Riding of Yorkshire, we know how confusing the road system can be when relying completely on sat nav equipment. However, that is exactly what many of these drivers are doing. They are getting lost because their devices have not been updated with maps that include an access road to the Swift Group factory constructed in 2011. That access road is known as Ken Smith Way.

To help ease congestion in the village, councillors are calling on sat nav companies to immediately update their maps. In the meantime, officials at the factory have said they are doing everything they can to help suppliers find their way in and out of the area without unwittingly going through Cottingham. The problem everyone seems to be having is directly related to the number of foreign drivers who lack adequate English skills.

When they leave their own country of origin, these drivers are relying on directions provided by their companies and their sat nav devices. Nevertheless, without an adequate command of the English language, they are unable to read road signs or ask directions when lost. This leaves them wandering around the village looking for an entrance they cannot find. It is hoped that the combination of updated maps and the efforts of the Swift Group can solve the problem sooner.

Directions Can Be Challenging

Here at the HGV Training Centre, we are the first ones to say that commercial driving is a great career with lots of opportunity and adventure. However, we recognise there are some challenges as well. One of those challenges is finding your way around unfamiliar roads when directions are lacking. It is part of the industry that every veteran driver has long since become used to.

Our training programmes cannot do anything about these kinds of issues. However, our training is more than sufficient to prepare you for your career as a commercial driver. We offer HGV training in East Riding of Yorkshire along with more than 45 other locations around the UK. There is likely a training facility near enough to where you live to make training easily accessible.

When you train with us, you will learn everything you need to know to pass your tests the first time. We will teach you about highway safety, inspecting a commercial vehicle, navigating safely on public roads, backing your vehicle, etc. By the time you finish our training programme, you be more than ready to begin work as a commercial driver.



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