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Being that we offer HGV training in Inverclyde, we are intimately familiar with many of the traffic headaches resulting from single lane carriageways never designed to handle HGV traffic. In light of this, we were delighted to learn of the Scottish government’s willingness to increase the HGV speed limit on some portions of the A9 from Inverness to Perth. It turns out the A96 will not be so fortunate.

Transport Minister Derek McKay recently announced there are no plans to implement a speed limit increase on certain sections of the A96 between Inverness and Aberdeen. He claims there is not enough evidence to justify a 10mph increase in light of safety concerns. This, despite the successful implementation of speed cameras and higher speed limits on the A9.

Lobbyists for the transport and haulage industries have been pushing for the change due to an increase in agricultural vehicles using the carriageway for long-haul transport. They claim the increased traffic is leading to more tailbacks. Although he did not offer any specifications, McKay said his department would be working on ways to address the agricultural vehicle question without raising the speed limit.

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McKay also said the A96 is due for an upgrade that will see some 88 miles of the roadway upgraded to a dual carriageway by 2030. However, for those who travel the road right now, his comments amount to nothing more than an empty promise. The government has been promising upgrades to the A9 for years, but they never seem to have enough money. Sceptics are confident such will be the fate of the A96 upgrade.

All Part of the Game

It is very easy for us to sympathise with lorry drivers who drive roads such as the A96 and A9 every day. They are forced to drive more slowly than cars and motorcycles, resulting in congestion that often leads to other motorists driving aggressively and making unwise decisions. This is the primary reason the industry pushed for higher speed limits last year. Higher speed limits for HGVs mean fewer tailbacks and fewer car drivers attempting dangerous overtaking manoeuvres.

The best we can say is that lower speed limits for HGVs is part of the game. It should not be a reason to discourage anyone from considering a career as an HGV or PCV driver. Commercial driving is a rewarding career that offers almost unlimited opportunities in terms of the type of work one chooses. From big cities to rural environments, HGV and PCV drivers are needed for all sorts of work.

We offer HGV training in Glasgow and Inverclyde as well as more than 40 additional facilities throughout the UK. At the HGV Training Centre, we take great pride in our reputation as a leading training organisation. Our training approach is focused on ensuring our students learn quickly and thoroughly so that they pass their tests the first time. We can have you trained and looking for work in a matter of just a few weeks.


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