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At the HGV Training Centre, we take great pride in the bus driver training we offer. Unfortunately, we cannot cover every possible scenario the future bus driver might encounter. Our training is designed primarily to prepare drivers for the PCV test regimen. The truth is that bus driver training does not cover everything. It doesn’t cover what you should do with your bus should you come upon a remembrance service that is just on the verge of observing a minute’s silence as you pass by.

This seemingly unlikely scenario unfolded in Bedfordshire in early November (2015). According to the BBC, the bus driver in question was requested to stop as he was approaching the local war memorial where a remembrance service was being held. Not only did the driver not stop, but he also sounded his horn during the moment of silence observance as he drove by the remembrance. Local residents attending the service described the driver’s actions as ‘disgraceful’.

The driver’s employer, Uno, apologised profusely and made it known that the driver had been suspended and was under full investigation. The company also promised a generous contribution to the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal. As for the local residents, they are not looking for the bus driver to be sacked. They told the BBC the only wanted an apology and a promise that it will never happen again.

Training and Common Sense Required

The unfortunate incident in Bedfordshire is proof that it takes both training and common sense to be a good bus driver. Our bus driver training does not cover the common sense issues such as refraining from sounding a horn at remembrance services because such things should be obvious. There are just some things one doesn’t do regardless of the vehicle he or she is driving.

As for what our bus driver training does cover, we can sum it up in one simple phrase: everything you need to know to pass your PCV tests. There are four tests that candidates are expected to take and pass in order to get a commercial driving licence. First among them is the PCV theory test, a two-part test that includes both multiple-choice questions and hazard recognition.

The second test is a case study test designed to fill the initial requirements for Driver CPC certification. The third and fourth tests are the driving skills and practical demonstration tests usually taken together at the conclusion of training. Passing all four tests results in the awarding of a PCV licence and a driver’s initial CPC qualification card. That qualification card is good for five calendar years only. Drivers must undergo an additional 35 hours of training sometime during the fifth year in order to renew the qualification card for another five years.

Our bus driver training programme is among the best in the country. We do not cover things like sounding your horn at remembrance services, but we do cover all of the important things relating to your tests.


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