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A shocking video containing footage shot by a dash-mounted cam and published on the ‘Scotland’s Worst Drivers’ website demonstrates just why the cameras are becoming so popular among HGV drivers and their employers. The footage shows a car driver apparently repeatedly hitting the brakes, purposely, in front of an HGV driver who just happened to be in the midst of his first day on a new job.

Footage shows the 44-tonne HGV travelling along the M8 in Scotland. The driver of a Renault Captur passes the HGV on the inside, then pulls directly in front of the lorry and hits the brakes hard. The lorry driver must do likewise while preventing his vehicle from swerving into the right lane.

One could assume the initial incident was accidental due to the car driver not paying attention. But the video clearly shows the driver of the Renault intentionally hitting his brakes hard two more times. The third time he must switch lanes prior to brake checking to account for the fact that lorry driver also did so previously. After the third time, the driver exited the motorway and continued his or her journey.

Professional Driving Hard Enough

The daily routine of professional driving is hard enough for HGV drivers without having to worry about others who find it amusing or somehow rewarding to pull stunts like this. The good news is that the driver and his lorry were unharmed as a result, and no other vehicles were involved. The bad news is that the police intend to use footage from the camera to track down the driver and refer him or her to the procurator fiscal.

We imagine the driver of the Renault does not have a real appreciation of how difficult it is to stop a 44-tonne lorry running at motorway speed. He or she is extremely fortunate that the driver did not lose control of the vehicle, slamming into the back of his/her Renault and sending it flying across the motorway. The car driver could have been seriously injured or killed due to his/her own reckless.

It is also unfortunate that these kinds of incidents happen with more frequency than most people realise. This is why insurance companies and industry trade groups are pushing more aggressively than ever for dash-mounted cams in HGVs. The cameras provide evidence in the case of an accident and subsequent claim against a commercial operator. Furthermore, the existence of video footage reduces the number of claims filed against operators by making it clear that they have evidence when their drivers are not at fault.

HGV drivers have a tough job that often goes unappreciated in the UK. We would like to offer a ‘job well done’ to the driver in Scotland who kept both his HGV and temper under control in what could have been a much more serious incident. We trust his training and years of experience served him well, as they do every day on the job.



Daily Record – https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/uk-world-news/watch-irresponsible-brake-checking-motorist-6799002


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