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You have seen life-size flight simulators on television. Perhaps you have secretly wanted one in your loft. Now though, the world of virtual simulation has come to materials handling by way of an American company known as Forklift Simulator. The company recently won the ‘Best New Innovation Award’ at the 70th annual ProMat show in Chicago.

The company’s forklift simulator combines a life-size replica of a forklift body (minus the forks) with a computer screen and 360° virtual reality headgear. The body includes a real seat, steering wheel and operator controls for a realistic simulation. Forklift Simulator hopes their product will reduce training costs while making it possible for seasoned drivers to undergo more remedial training without losing valuable work time.

We have not seen the simulator ourselves, but what we have read suggests this could be an innovative product that is as revolutionary to materials handling as flight simulators have been to the airline industry. A simulator provides an opportunity to train in a very realistic setting without endangering the operator or other workers. Moreover, because real cargo is not involved, there is no risk of loss in the event of a dropped load.

The task for Forklift Simulator now is to start promoting their product. It will be some time before the simulators make it here to the UK, but rest assured they are coming. They will transform the forklift training environment across America and Europe alike.

We Trained Forklift Operators

While we wait for the Forklift Simulator to travel across the Pond, the HGV Training Centre will continue offering the high-quality forklift training we have been providing for years. Our training programmes prepare operators to work in a variety of environments including manufacturing, logistics, freight forwarding, industrial, and construction. Those that complete our training receive a certificate acknowledging their professional competency.

As we have explained many times in the past, current law does not require forklift operators to be specially licenced. Yet liability exposure and the legal requirement that employers take every reasonable step to ensure a safe workplace are leading more and more employers to require forklift operators be trained and certified. It only makes sense, given the dangerous nature of these vehicles and the environments in which they work.

The forklift operator faces multiple challenges with every shift. First and foremost is the responsibility of loading, unloading, and moving cargo without damaging it. Second, the forklift operator must navigate his/her vehicle throughout the work area while keeping a close eye on other workers and equipment. He/she is obligated to maintain safe operating speeds and distances. Third, everything the operator does must be done with a mind toward productivity. The forklift operator must get the job done in the time allotted, or his/her productivity will suffer.

The HGV Training Centre is proud to offer forklift training that prepares operators to be the best they can be. We train both individual and company drivers at more than 45 locations throughout the UK.


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