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Smartphones are doing just about everything these days, so why not use one to help you perform a daily walk-around check? Thanks to a well-known software provider specialising in fleet management solutions, professional drivers can do just that. The average HGV or LGV driver can download and install the app, choose the correct vehicle template, and then use his/her phone to guide him/her through the daily walk-around.

Fleetminder developed the app for two the reasons. First, the daily walk-around check is becoming more complex. Whenever new regulations are introduced to improve road safety and hazard avoidance, such regulations usually add to the daily check a driver has to conduct. The app removes the confusion to ensure drivers always check what they are supposed to check.

Second, Fleetminder is acutely aware of the inefficiencies of the current paper system. Relying on this old model results in a time-consuming, inflexible, and inaccurate system that does not produce optimal results for road safety. Using a smartphone app connects what the HGV/LGV driver is doing with the fleet manager’s office, in real time. This ensures more accurate record keeping and maintenance scheduling.

As a driver completes his/her walk-around check, he/she enters the appropriate data into the app. That data is immediately sent to an online database that is instantly accessible by fleet managers. In addition, fleet managers are alerted should a driver note any defects during the walk-around. Such alerts can then be handled at the fleet manager’s discretion.

Yes, Technology Helps

Fleetminder’s new software can be a significant help to drivers and fleet managers in maintaining vehicle roadworthiness. Yes, technology does have a place in the haulage and transport industries in helping to increase safety and regulatory compliance. We hope more companies develop similar software in the future.

As for HGV and LGV driver training, companies such as ours need to continue developing new training methods in order to make what we do better. As good as technology is, you can never replace proper training based on knowledge, experience, and current best practices. This includes training drivers how to conduct the daily walk-around check.

Walk-around checks are intended to target specific areas that are directly related to safety. Drivers will check tyres, brakes, lights, etc. Any deficiencies that do not rise to the level of immediate danger can be handled at a later time. However, serious deficiencies that cause a genuine safety concern must be taken care of right away. Our students learn these things during their HGV/LGV training.

The HGV Training Centre offers training for HGV, LGV and PCV licences. We do not provide testing services, but we do send one of our trainers with each student on the day of the final practical skills test. Prior to that testing day, we do everything we can to prepare students so that they only have to take it one time. We strive to always provide competent and comprehensive training that makes our drivers the best in the business.


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