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Surveying motorists about who they think are the worst drivers reveal that the white van man does not have a very good reputation among the general public. If public perception is to be believed, drivers with a van licence are among the most dangerous on the road. The good news for van drivers is that statistics do not back up public perception. The man in the white van is actually a very safe driver, statistically speaking.

Insurance companies look at a lot of data when trying to determine how much to charge customers. Believe it or not, one of the things they look at is occupation. Why? Because people in certain occupations tend to pose a higher risk of accidents due to a number of factors, including the stress of their jobs. In light of that, the data recently released by 1st Central is rather intriguing. Their data backs up similar studies published by other insurance companies in the past.

The Worst and Best

According to the data, the worst drivers on the road generally tend to be middle-class, middle-aged, professional males. 1st Central determined this by looking at accident data and claims. The Telegraph points out, interestingly enough, that drivers fitting the 1st Central profile of the worst drivers are also the most likely to complain about the white van man. Perhaps those who complain loudest should spend some time reflecting.

Be that as it may, the five worst drivers (by occupation) are:

  1. Accountants
  2. Solicitors
  3. Doctors
  4. Financial advisers
  5. Letting agents.

If you want to stretch it to the top 10, you would also have to include airline cabin crew members, bank managers, IT managers, pharmacists, and train operators. On the other end of the scale, the top 10 best drivers by occupation include many professions requiring van driving. The top five are as follows:

  1. Roofers
  2. Farmworkers
  3. Builders
  4. Lorry drivers
  5. Cleaners.

Amazingly enough, the white man van engaged in the roofing business is the least likely to be involved in an accident. Roofers were involved in just 3,850 accidents in 2015, according to 1st Central. Accountants and solicitors, on the other hand, were involved in 16,000 and 15,000 accidents respectively.

Earn Your Van Licence Here

Statistics clearly show that having a van licence does not make one a dangerous driver. Despite negative public perceptions, van drivers are not as reckless and dangerous as they are made out to be. What is even more impressive to us is that those whose jobs primarily involve driving 6 to 8 hours per day are statistically among the top 10 safest drivers in the UK. As a side note, we are thrilled to know that lorry drivers are among the top five safest.

If you are looking to earn your van licence for work purposes, we encourage you to check out the HGV Training Centre. Our proven training programme can prepare you for your tests in a relatively short amount of time.


  1. Telegraph – http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/03/31/revealed-the-top-10-worst-drivers-on-the-road-by-profession/


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