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With the New Year now upon us, we wanted to take a step back from daily haulage and transport news and, instead, address our readers who might be thinking of earning a commercial driving licence. Commercial driving is a great career choice that offers good pay, stability and a constantly changing work environment.

For this post, we will focus on the PCV licence that drivers need in order to legally operate a bus or coach. The PCV acronym stands for ‘passenger carrying vehicle’; it is slightly different compared to the HGV (heavy goods vehicle) or LGV (light goods vehicle). There are five steps to earning your PCV licence:

Step #1 – Pass a Routine Medical Exam

Commercial drivers are required by law to be in reasonably good health. This is especially important when driving buses and coaches. Before a student can begin the training process, he/she must pass a routine medical exam administered by an NHS or approved private physician. The doctor fills out the paperwork and submits it to the DVLA on your behalf.

Step #2 – Apply for Provisional Entitlement

The second step is to apply for the provisional entitlement you will need to undergo your practical skills training. The paperwork is sent off at the same time as the paperwork from your medical exam. While you wait for your provisional entitlement to arrive, you will prepare to take the theory test.

Step #3 – Take and Pass the Theory Test

You will need to take and pass a 100-question theory test prior to beginning practical skills training. The test is a two-part exam designed to verify your knowledge of general road safety and hazard avoidance. There will be specific questions relating to buses and coaches that would not apply to someone earning an HGV or LGV licence. We can help you prepare to take your theory test.

Step #4 – Undergo Practical Skills Training

Your provisional entitlement and a passing grade on the theory test qualify you to undergo practical skills training with a company such as the HGV Training Centre. Practical skills training involve time in the classroom and behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. The classes you need depend on the type of vehicles you intend to drive.

Step #5 – Take the Practical Skills Test

The final step is to take and pass the practical skills test. The HGV Training Centre does not administer the test, but we do send one of our trainers with you to the testing facility when the time comes. Passing the test completes the process and allows you to begin looking for work as a PCV driver.

The HGV Training Centre is a leading provider of commercial driver training throughout the UK. We can help you earn your PCV licence in a matter of weeks. If you are looking to become a commercial driver, and you prefer buses and coaches, now is the time to consider training. Please contact us on our freephone number for more information about training.


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