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As a leading provider of HGV training in Nottinghamshire and the rest of the UK, the HGV Training Centre knows all too well how prone lorry cabs are to blind spots. Dealing with blind spots is a regular part of the training we provide our students. However, perhaps such blind spots could become a thing of the past if a new European study is correct in its conclusions. Researchers believe a redesigned lorry cab that is longer and more rounded could make things safer.

The study was commissioned through a joint effort by Transport for London and the European Federation for Transport and Environment. Both organisations wanted to know if a cab redesign would make it easier for HGV drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists coming up alongside them. The initial results are quite positive.

The researchers came up with a design that is 80 cm longer and includes a more rounded nose. Named ‘Direct Vision’, the new design incorporates a larger glazed area, a smaller dashboard, and a lower driver seating position. The project’s lead researcher believes the new design would increase a driver’s field of vision by as much as 50%. That could definitely be a game changer in heavily congested cities such as London.

The study went on to say that mirrors are inadequate for addressing the blind spots large commercial vehicles are known for. Researchers say the time it takes to check mirrors and react to potential hazards is too great. They believe increasing the field of vision directly is a better way to address the problem.

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According to Construction Manager magazine, the European Transport Safety Council reported 4,200 fatal accidents involving lorries in Europe last year. Among the fatalities were nearly 1,000 pedestrians and cyclists. In the UK, 33% of the fatal accidents involving cyclists also involved lorries.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the EU as the result of this study. The likelihood is very high that officials will seriously look at the conclusions reached by the study as part of ongoing efforts to improve road safety for cyclists and pedestrians. Whether or not the new design is ever mandated is anyone’s guess. It is not beyond the realm of possibility though.

In the meantime, we will continue providing high-quality HGV training in Nottinghamshire and all across the UK. We offer classes at more than 45 facilities; all staffed by professional trainers that we believe are among the best in the business. We can train you to drive all sorts of commercial vehicles including lorries, tipper trucks, heavy construction equipment, vans, buses, coaches, and more.

All of our training is offered with a complete commitment of our staff to student success. We offer a fast paced and focused training approach designed to help our students learn retain all of the necessary information. Our students pass their test the first time, more often than not, because we have trained them well.


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