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As a leading provider of HGV training in Staffordshire, we are fully aware that there is plenty of work to be found in the county. However, even we were surprised to learn that Tamworth, a town of 77,000 residents located roughly 15 miles from Birmingham, has better paying jobs and more opportunities for professional drivers. New drivers might want to consider Tamworth as one option after passing the HGV/LGV test.

The BBC reports that unemployment reductions and wage increases in Tamworth have been the best anywhere in the UK over the last couple of years. Since the first quarter of 2012, unemployment has fallen from 9.9% to 4.7% while wages have gone up roughly 16% on average. Moreover, while the numbers apply across the board for all employment, there is a heavy presence of transport and logistics companies that have located new operations in the town. The BBC specifically mentions UPS, TNT, and Ocado.

One local consultant told the BBC that HGV drivers are now in high demand throughout the greater Birmingham area thanks to CPC requirements encouraging older drivers to retire. Those still working in Tamworth find themselves highly sought after by companies willing to pay substantially more than average. The consultant said it was not unusual for driver wages to have increased as much as £4 per hour among companies competing for a limited number of qualified drivers.

Forklift truck operators are also in demand, according to the consultant. Their wages are increasing proportionally as well. Any way you look at it, Tamworth is hot right now for workers in haulage, transport, and logistics. Now would be a good time to undergo forklift, HGV or LGV training in order to find work in the Birmingham region.

Ready to Work in Weeks

We want to point out that training to be an HGV or LGV driver does not need to take months. When you train with the HGV Training Centre, we can have you ready to take your HGV/LGV test in a matter of weeks. If you were to start training next week, for example, you could be ready to look for work by early spring.

Beginning the process is very simple as long as you have a full car licence. You need only get in contact with us so that we can get you the information you need to get started. You will need to pass a routine medical exam given by your NHS GP or an approved private physician then begin preparing for your theory test while you wait for your provisional licence to arrive. A passing grade on the 100-question theory test allows you to begin the practical skills training that will prepare you for your final driving test.

The HGV Training Centre is committed to helping our students through every stage of the training and testing process. All of our training is provided by experienced professionals who know just what it takes to ensure each student performs to his or her full potential.


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