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The implementation of the French eco-tax on HGVs has been delayed yet again, this time until January 1. The plan has been delayed several times already, with the current government blaming its predecessors for the problems. Yet it seems protesters might have had something to do with this latest delay.

Over the weekend, protesters gathered by the tens of thousands to let it be known they are unhappy with the current job market and the potential damage the new tax could cause. In one, some 30,000 protesters showed up on Sunday. Although the protest did not escalate out of control, there were numerous confrontations between protesters and police.

At the heart of the protest is the belief that the eco-tax will restrict HGV traffic in France and further damage the economy. France is already suffering from a rather high unemployment rate, and the loss of any more jobs could make an already bad situation worse. As far as the French are concerned, new jobs are more important than new taxes.

In announcing this latest delay, the government was firm in letting it be known that the eco-tax had not been abolished. They insist on eventually implementing it nationwide. The purpose of the tax is to collect revenues from all HGVs regardless of origin, with the money collected to go toward road maintenance, infrastructure improvements, and enforcement of traffic law.

New Revenue Sources

The French eco-tax has received a lot of publicity lately, but it is by no means the first of its kind. Local and national governments view eco-taxes as a way to raise the funds necessary to pay for road repairs. What makes these taxes dangerous is the mistaken assumption that when companies have to pay them the average citizen does not suffer. That’s certainly not true.

Just because the typical consumer is not paying the tax on his passenger car does not mean he is not paying it. Taxes are always passed on from companies to their customers by way of higher prices. In the end, eco-taxes add to the cost of goods and services while also harming business. Every consumer ultimately pays the price.

HGV Driving Career

Eco-taxes and politics aside, lorry driving is a great career choice for young people just starting out and older people in need of a career change. What’s more, learning to drive is not as difficult as you might think.

If you already have a car license, you can begin HGV training by passing a medical exam and obtaining your provisional entitlement. Training includes a 100-question theory test followed by several weeks of practical skills training. Upon completion, drivers take a final road test at an approved UK facility.

The HGV Training Centre can assist you by providing the treatment you need to earn your licence. We offer comprehensive training at facilities all over the UK. Get in touch with us if you are ready to start your career as a professional driver.


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