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The days may be coming when HGV training in Cheshire or Fife includes learning how to safely operate a vehicle while taking advantage of the same electrified power lines used by the old trolleybus systems. According to a report from Handy Shipping Guide (HSG), electrified HGVs may be a reality very soon.

HSG cites ongoing work being done by companies like Siemens and Scania. The two companies are currently working on a joint project to outfit HGVs with pantograph power collectors that tower over the tops of the vehicles. These power collectors are able to access the same power lines used by trolleybuses. If the scheduled testing proves successful, the companies could be ready to launch a commercial version within the next couple of years.

The primary advantage of the Siemens pantograph system is that it can connect to the power grid while on the go. In other words, a diesel-powered engine could be used to operate the vehicle where no power lines are present. As soon as power lines are available, the driver could simply manoeuvre the vehicle underneath and switch over to the electric engine. The same can be done in the other direction.

Making Use of Old Technology

Right now Europe is a hotbed for re-purposing old technology in innovative ways. This is but one more example. In cities all across Europe, where trolleybuses were once the main form of transportation, the power infrastructure still exists. Developing the electric HGV system takes advantage of that existing infrastructure for a new and cost-effective haulage option.

In order for it to be successful however, designers will have to build a system that can be flexible enough for on-demand use while allowing it to be disengaged and stored when not in use. Otherwise, the pantograph system could present real problems for low overpasses, low hanging power and communication lines, trees and other barriers.

HGV Training

As for HGV training, not much would change in terms of overall highway safety and vehicle operation. Facilities like ours would simply have to add an extra class or two for dealing with the electrical technology component. That’s not something that should be a big problem.

When the time comes, the HGV Training Centre will be more than happy to include this new technology in our training programs. Until then, we will continue to offer comprehensive training to private drivers and companies alike. We currently provide training for all types of vehicles including articulated lorries, construction equipment, box trucks, coaches, and buses, forklifts and more. We even provide trailer training for non-commercial drivers.

Whether you need HGV training in Cheshire, Fife or anywhere else in the UK, we have more than 45 facilities to meet your needs. Each facility is staffed by fully trained professionals who are experts in their fields. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to get you trained, licenced, and on the road as soon as possible. Contact us today if you are ready to begin your driver training.


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