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Do you have a valid bus driving licence that you are not doing anything with? If so, perhaps you would be interested in purchasing a piece of British history by way of Margaret Thatcher’s 1983 election bus. It is now on the market for a mere £25,000. Indeed, for less money than you would need for a down payment on a decent London home you can be the proud owner of a 30-year old bus built to withstand bullets, mine blasts, and nuclear, biological and chemical attacks.

The election bus was originally commissioned to ferry Thatcher around Northern Ireland as she campaigned for her second term as prime minister. At the time, Northern Ireland was a dangerous place to be for British politicians. Thatcher’s bus provided her safe passage, powered by a 12-litre Rolls-Royce engine capable of speeds of up to 80 mph.

The current owner of the bus says it is still in working order. He also says there is plenty of room on board for dozens of passengers and a bit of office furniture. If you’re willing to spend that much money on a piece of history, buying the bus would mean owning a vehicle that once carried a lady who could arguably be considered one of the UK’s most notable prime ministers.

Bus Driving License

Without looking into the details of the Thatcher bus, it is difficult to say whether the new owner would need a bus-driving licence to operate it for personal use. However, assuming a licence would be required, the HGV Training Centre is an excellent place to undergo the necessary training. We have been training bus drivers throughout the UK since our company was founded.

Professional bus drivers must all earn a PCV licence before they can begin working. It is similar to an HGV licence, with a few additional enhancements related to transporting human passengers rather than cargo. A PCV licence enables the driver to operate city buses, regional buses, coaches, and minibuses.

What does it take to earn a PCV licence? It takes a willingness to learn and the time to invest in training. Anyone with a full car licence and reasonably good health can get the process started right away. It begins with a routine health exam and filing for one’s provisional entitlement.

The second step in the process is to prepare for and take the PCV theory test. This is a 100-question examination offered in two parts. A passing grade enables the individual to continue to practical skills training that takes place in the classroom and behind the wheel. Students able to learn and adjust quickly can complete their training in a matter of weeks. From there it is simply a matter of taking and passing the final practical skills test at an approved testing facility.

For more information about earning a bus driving licence, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to provide the help and training you need.


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