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How many times would you be willing to take the HGV theory test before you just gave up? We ask because a Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Metro report indicated that one woman took the theory test for her car licence 110 times. The unnamed woman spent £3,410 in her endeavour. There is no word on whether or not she ever passed.

Taking the theory test 110 times may seem extreme, but this unfortunate lady is not alone. Two other people required 86 and 80 attempts respectively before they passed. Records show another individual having taken the exam 64 times and still not passing. Who knew that the theory test was so hard? However, apparently it is in some cases.

New drivers are required to take and pass the theory test before they can begin practical skills training. This is true regardless of whether you need a Class B licence to operate a car or an HGV licence for commercial driving. Demonstrating knowledge of driving theory is necessary before the government will allow you to get behind the wheel of an actual vehicle.

What the Test Entails

The HGV theory test is a 100-question exam taken in two parts. The first part deals with the general highway safety principles that every driver needs to know to be safe. The second part has to do with hazard avoidance involving large, commercial vehicles. It is a multiple-choice test that can be completed as quickly as the driver is able to do so.

The HGV Training Centre can help you prepare for the HGV theory test by way of one of our classes. You may be interested to know that our drivers boast a 92% first-time pass rate. Our success is rooted in our concentrated and focused approach, which provides only the information you need in a way that makes it easy to retain. What we do not do is waste your time with a lot of information you do not need to know.

Upon passing the theory test, drivers are eligible to begin practical skills training at one of our facilities. Drivers will have already passed a routine medical exam and applied for a provisional entitlement before they begin training. Nevertheless, worry not; all of these requirements are things we can help you work through when you take your training with us. We pride ourselves on walking our students through the process from start to finish. We even send our trainer with you to the testing facility on the day of your practical skills test.

The HGV Training Centre is a leading provider of commercial driver training in the UK. We train drivers to operate buses, coaches, articulated lorries, heavy construction equipment, tipper trucks, and more. We also offer non-commercial training for caravans, light trailers, horseboxes and horsebox trailers.

We make training as easy and affordable as possible. For more details about classes in your area, simply call us on our free telephone number.


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