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Towing horse trailers can be dodgy under normal circumstances. So imagine approaching the docks at Calais knowing that there are thousands of migrants waiting to sneak aboard any vehicle they can manage to get access to. That is exactly what happened to one horsebox operator who unwittingly transported a Sudanese migrant through Calais and on to the Longines Royal International Horse Show in Sussex.

According to The Express, staff were unloading a horsebox trailer at the All England Jumping Course this past summer when they heard screams coming from underneath the horsebox. An investigation revealed a 27-year-old migrant trapped underneath as the trailer’s ramps were put down. He was released and examined by the ground’s medical staff before authorities were called. Fortunately, the man suffered no serious injuries after making the dangerous crossing clinging to the underside of the horsebox.

The Sudanese migrant came to England by way of Belgium, yet he was not the only one found on the grounds. Staff found two additional migrants inside a truck that had come over from Spain. Examining horseboxes, trailers, and tow vehicles is now standard procedure as the crisis in Calais only gets more serious.

A Fine Line of Driver Responsibility

Towing horse trailers through Calais requires drivers to be vigilant in order to prevent illegal immigration. However, the extent of the driver’s individual responsibility ends up being a fine line that has to be walked delicately. Drivers are legally responsible for taking every reasonable precaution to prevent illegal immigration short of taking the law into their own hands. At the same time, drivers cannot risk their personal safety by getting out of their vehicles to confront desperate migrants.

If there is any good news relating to this crisis, it is the fact that authorities do not generally hold drivers responsible for illegal immigration unless they have a strong case to prove a driver either gave material aid to migrants or made no real effort to prevent illegals from gaining access to a vehicle. Someone towing a horsebox trailer should be safe from prosecution if the trailer is properly locked.

Training for Horse Trailers

Is towing horse trailers part of your regular routine? If so, you may be required by law to have an additional licence entitlement. Whether or not you do will depend on your status as a professional or amateur driver and the weight and size of your tow vehicle and horsebox trailer. You can contact us for more information or check the GOV.UK website for information about the different licence categories.

The HGV Training Centre provides comprehensive training for towing horse trailers. We offer one-, three- and five-day courses, depending on student experience level. Our five-day course is the perfect choice for someone who has never towed a trailer before. Our three-day course is for experienced towers that would never have undergone formal training or obtained an additional entitlement while our one-day course is a refresher course for experienced drivers who want to keep their skills up-to-date.


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