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Toyota Materials Handling UK is already one of the first names in forklifts for warehouse environments in the UK. In September, they hope to improve their reputation further upon showcasing some of their newest equipment. Toyota is scheduled to show off several new pieces at the Temperature Controlled Storage and Distribution exhibition on September 18 and 19.

Leading the way will be a new BT Reflex truck with a cold store cabin. Toyota will also feature a new electric forklift and several different types of pallet trucks specifically aimed at the cold storage and distribution sector. As company officials point out, this sector has unique needs due to the colder environment.

Colder operating temperatures mean equipment has to be built and maintained differently than if it were used at warmer temperatures. Moreover, although the demands of the cold storage sector are not as severe as those of frozen storage, equipment must still be up to the task nonetheless. Toyota’s dedication to this market is clearly evidenced in the new range of equipment.

Training for the Environment

It should be noted that training for the cold storage environment is as vital as the equipment used for materials handling. There are quite a few factors forklift drivers need to take into consideration above and beyond what is normally found in a manufacturing environment. For example, colder floors require extra care to drive on.

Forklift equipment is also a bit more fragile in the cold storage environment. Forklift drivers are trained to take care of their equipment so as not to encourage unnecessary damage. It’s all part of working in the cold storage and distribution sector.

The HGV training centre provides quality forklift training for individual drivers and companies in the UK. Although regulations do not specifically require a forklift licence or certification in order to work as a driver, more and more companies are coming to terms with how beneficial appropriate training can be.

In addition to training for the manufacturing and warehouse environments, we also offer rough terrain forklift training for drivers who will be working in extreme, outdoor environments. This type of training is essential on construction projects and other places were flat, level surfaces are not the norm.

When we train forklift operators, we teach them how to do a number of things including safely balance loads, stack and un-stack cargo, pay attention to pedestrians and surrounding equipment, and so on. In all of that is the training necessary to achieve the appropriate balance of forklift controls. It’s not as easy as it appears.

If you are a warehouse manager for a company that does not use certified forklift operators, what’s stopping you? Proper forklift training can mean the difference between safe and unsafe operations in your warehouse. The HGV Training Centre can provide all of the training your forklift operators need, at a price you can afford. And with more than 45 facilities around the country, there is one near you.


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