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It is truly tragic whenever we hear about an HGV accident resulting in serious injury or death. Such was the case with a recent accident in Bath that claimed the lives of three adults and one child. Yet despite such tragedies, it is impractical and completely unworkable to enact total HGVs bans on town and village roads. The AA’s Edmund King explained why in a recent interview with the Western Daily Press.

King said that HGVs are directed away from towns and villages by way of bypass routes intended for traffic that has no need of town access. However, he also explained the reality of modern commerce: most of the goods coming into local towns are brought in by way of HGVs. Banning the vehicles from village and town roads would result in higher transport costs and higher shelf prices.

It should be noted that any professional HGV training course offered by a reputable training company would emphasise driver safety and adherence to local regulations and restrictions. Drivers know their legal responsibilities prior to getting behind the wheel. Even so, it is not possible to avoid every accident. We live in an imperfect world that oftentimes subjects us to unspeakable tragedies. The best we can do is work to avoid them and find a way to deal with them when they do occur.

As for the tragic accident in Bath, a full investigation is under way. Officials have not yet determined whether the cause of the crash was mechanical failure, driver error, negligence, weather, or a combination of multiple factors. Penalties will be forthcoming if it is determined that any fault lies with the driver or his employer. Police officials are asking anyone who may have witnessed the accident to come forward and tell what they know.

Making Roads as Safe as Possible

Everyone involved in the haulage and transport industries is working hard to make the roads as safe as possible. This includes equipment manufacturers, haulage and transport companies, drivers, regulators, and the police force. Indeed, we all have a collective responsibility to do whatever we can to avoid tragic accidents between HGVs, other vehicles, and pedestrians.

At the HGV Training Centre, one of our primary goals is to offer students an HGV training course that prepares them to be as safe as humanly possible. We train our students in the full range of safe vehicle operations, including everything from conducting proper pre-trip inspections to driving in according to weather conditions. Our drivers are also instructed regarding the laws and regulations that apply to their work.

It is our firm belief that we have an obligation to teach drivers how to be as safe as they can be. We take that obligation very seriously. If you are looking to take an HGV training course in order to earn your licence, we hope you consider the HGV Training Centre. We are a leading provider of professional driver training with more than 45 locations around the UK.


Western Daily Press – https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/Bath-runaway-tipper-truck-tragedy-Complete-ban/story-26001482-detail/story.html


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