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After an unusually robust first quarter of 2014, the transport industry is expected to scale back hiring to the more normal levels seen at the close of last year. The first quarter of this year saw hiring increases of about 7%, thanks to a revived construction industry and a slowly improving UK economy. Nevertheless, growth of 3% is more likely heading into the second quarter and beyond.

Despite a slowdown in hiring, the news is not that bad. The transport sector is still expected to create a significant number of new jobs in the coming years. Add to that the fact that there is still a fairly moderate shortage of commercial drivers for all classes of vehicles, and there still appears to be a bright future for those hoping to go through PCV, HGV or LGV driver training.

The good news for the transport sector comes directly from construction numbers. During an economic downturn, construction usually suffers across the board. Moreover, when construction suffers, many other related sectors suffer as well. A revival in construction has just the opposite effect.

With construction now improving in the UK, there is a greater need for drivers capable of moving heavy construction equipment and operating it on-site. However, drivers are needed in other areas as well. For example, a building materials company may need several new LGV drivers to transport their supplies to construction sites. HGV drivers will be needed to operate the lorries carrying larger building materials like roof trusses, concrete blocks, and prefabricated construction modules.

By all accounts, now is a good time to receive the HGV or LGV driver training necessary to embark on a career as a professional driver. There are enough new jobs to accommodate nearly everyone graduating from driver training programmes at current rates. And there is certainly the promise of more jobs to come.

How to Earn Your License

Drivers interested in earning a commercial licence first need to know what will be required based on the vehicles they hope to drive. You can call us here at the HGV Training Centre or visit the GOV.uk website to learn more. From there it is a matter of signing up to begin your training. As an example, let’s talk about LGV driver training.

You can complete your LGV driver training in a matter of weeks, provided you already have a full car licence. The basic five-step process is as follows:

  1. pass a routine medical exam
  2. apply for a provisional entitlement
  3. prepare for, take, and pass a 100-question theory test
  4. enrol in, and complete, practical skills training
  5. take and pass the final practical skills test.

The HGV Training Centre prides ourselves on making this process as easy as possible for all of our students. We provide as little or as much help as you need, every step of the way. If you would like to know more about HGV or LGV driver training, do not hesitate to contact us right away.


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