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The UK Independence party (UKIP) might want to consider the idea of PCV driver training after a recent accident in Portsmouth. The accident occurred as the bus was arriving at the Portsmouth and Southsea railway station where party leader Nigel Farage was waiting. The bus driver apparently lost track of his vehicle while making a U-turn, colliding with a canopy attached to the railway station. There were no injuries reported.

What made the accident somewhat humorous is the fact that the phrase ‘common sense’ was plastered across both sides of the bus as part of a current UKIP campaign. Farage is using the bus campaign to take his message to the streets in anticipation of the upcoming European elections.

Witnesses say the trouble started when the bus driver realised his vehicle would not fit under a platform bridge leading to the station’s exit. Instead, he was forced to make a U-turn in order to take the bus out the way he came in. However, the confined space and apparent disorientation combined to bring about the accident. Both the bus and the canopy sustained minor damage.

PCV Driver Training

Getting out of sticky situations like this is something every training company should include as part of their PCV driver training. It is actually fairly common for a bus driver to find him or herself in a situation where there isn’t enough room to safely go where he or she had planned. It’s then up to the driver to work out an alternate strategy that enables him or her to get the vehicle out safely. We do not know what happened in this case except to say that the plan didn’t work too well.

At the HGV Training Centre, we pride ourselves in providing top quality PCV driver training to both individual drivers and company employees. We offer first-time training for those attempting to earn a PCV licence, taking them through the entire process from start to finish. That includes ensuring medical paperwork is filled correctly, preparing students for the PCV theory test, and providing the practical skills training necessary to complete the road test.

We also offer remedial training and CPC training for company drivers. We believe regular remedial training is key to ensuring your drivers remain safe on the road at all times. Remedial training enables your drivers to brush up on their skills and relearn some of those things they may have forgotten over the years.

As far as CPC training is concerned, the deadline for PCV drivers has already come and gone. Nevertheless, do not forget that the law requires additional training every five years. Please keep the HGV Training Centre in mind for your company drivers when it comes time to renew their certificates. We can train them one-at-a-time or get them all together in a single class.

For all of your commercial driver training needs, call us at the HGV Training Centre. We are one of the UK’s leading providers of driver training for all classes of vehicles in the commercial driving sector.


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