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The UK’s largest bus depot opened just in time for the Commonwealth Games being staged in Glasgow from July 23 through until August 3. Although the depot’s completion date is still months away, the July opening has made it possible to provide the public transportation necessary to serve tens of thousands of athletes and spectators. It has also given jobs to PCV licence holders.

Construction on the Glasgow bus depot began in 2010. Designers intended for it to be a long-term depot that would get significant municipal use long after the Commonwealth Games concluded. When it is finally completed, the depot will house as many as 450 buses and provide work to more than 1,200 employees. There is speculation that the depot could become an important transportation hub linking Scotland with many of the other major destinations in Europe.

In addition to its size, the depot is notable because of its green characteristics. For example, the depot’s architects designed a system to harvest rainwater for use throughout the facility. The collected water will primarily be used in the bus wash area, saving the depot millions of litres of water every year.

A photovoltaic solar collection system will eventually be installed on the roof. The collectors will be able to generate enough electricity to power more than three dozen homes. The system will significantly reduce the depot’s consumption of energy from the grid.

Even though the depot is yet to be completed, passengers have so far been impressed with what they have seen. This, despite the fact that there were a few minor logistical problems that slowed transportation to and around the games on their first day. However, depot officials said once things were up and running people were moved to the various athletic venues quickly and efficiently.

Driving Buses Professionally

The new Glasgow bus depot is a great addition to the local economy for obvious reasons. Moreover, once the Commonwealth Games are over, city officials will get to work making the depot as productive as possible. Undoubtedly, that will mean more jobs for professional bus drivers.

In order to drive a bus, one needs a valid PCV licence. An HGV or LGV licence will not do. PCV training takes into account many of the same things that students encounter for the other commercial licences, but there is also additional training to account for the human cargo transported by buses and coaches. The HGV Training Centre provides this training at more than 45 facilities around the UK.

If you are interested in earning your PCV licence, you must first have a full car licence and the ability to pass a routine medical exam. Feel free to call us for more details. We will help you every step of the way, from making sure your medical paperwork is in order to sending a trainer with you when it’s time to take your final practical skills test an approved facility. The HGV Training Centre is committed to your success.


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