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The average UK citizen would probably not turn to van drivers for advice on the nicest places to have dinner. However, if you are a van driver yourself, it might be a different story. Who better than a fellow driver to ask about the best places to eat while you’re on the road?

Thanks to the collective efforts of van drivers all across the country, and the support and sponsorship of MORE TH>N Van Insurance, a unique dining guide has been produced specifically for van drivers looking for great places to eat. The drivers who wrote the guide visited more than 1,000 establishments all over the country. Among the criteria used to judge the quality of each restaurant was its proximity to main roads.

The inaugural edition of the guide, called the ‘White Van Gourmand’, includes pubs, roadside cafés, restaurants, and even mobile food vendors. Making the top 20 are places like West Bolden’s Black Horse Inn, the Café Skylark in Wimblington, and of the Scotch Transport Café in North Yorkshire. The guide can be downloaded free of charge from the MORE TH>N website.

Making a Living on the Road

The White Van Gourmand guide is an excellent resource for a group of dedicated people who make their living on the road. Every day these individuals provide transport for cargo of all shapes and sizes; cargo necessary to keep the UK economy moving along. Without them life in the country would be vastly different.

Becoming a van driver is a great career choice for young people just entering the workforce or older workers who have been the victims of redundancy. Drivers who earned their full licence prior to 1997 do not even need to earn a new van driver licence. All others need to earn a specific licence depending on the type of van they will be driving. Vans between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tons require a category C 1 licence. Vans over 7.5 tonnes require a category C licence.

The HGV Training Centre provides the necessary training for both types of licences. The process begins when a student contacts us to enrol in one of our programs. Immediately we get them going on the necessary paperwork for the required medical exam and the theory test. We can provide theory test training for students who feel more comfortable approaching the test that way.

When it comes time for the practical skills training, each of our classes lasts about one week. We approach van driving licence training with a philosophy that is concentrated, fast-paced, and intense. We do it this way to make sure each of our students learns only those things necessary to pass his or her tests. We don’t waste time on those things that are irrelevant.

The HGV Training Centre also handles van driving licence training for companies with fleets. We can provide new driver training as well as ongoing remedial training to make sure your drivers continue to perform at the level you expect.


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