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If you have been thinking about pursuing a career as a professional driver, you might want to think about undergoing van driver training. A recent report from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) indicates that vans are leading the way for increased commercial vehicle sales across the UK. That suggests carriers are expanding their fleets and hiring drivers.

According to the SMMT, July sales and registration of commercial vehicles were up 25.8% over June. Registrations were up 13.1% through the first seven months of 2014, and 18.4% over the last 12 months. The greatest growth is among vans in the 2.0-2.5 tonne range. There were some 2,300 more registrations in July than during the same month last year. Vans in the 2.5- 3.5 range were also up by about 3,300 units.

The increase in van sales and registrations is likely due to a number of factors. First, the expanding economy is allowing companies to grow and upgrade their fleets faster than anticipated. Second, the UK is seeing a trend toward more Internet-based companies using vans to complete customer deliveries, while the old storefront model is quickly fading away. Vans are becoming the mobile sales associates to the Internet sales floor.

On the other end of the equation, new HGV sales and registrations continue their downward slide. A 16.3% loss over the last year is blamed partly on the previously weak economy and partly on the fact that companies are waiting to upgrade their fleets until they are ready to buy new Euro 5 vehicles. Industry analysts expect the HGV market to stabilise later this year before beginning to grow again in 2015.

Overall, the news for commercial vehicles is good. More are being sold and registered in response to the economic recovery all across Europe. As someone looking for work or getting ready to start a career, it is all good news for you. Undergoing training to be a commercial driver could be a wise choice for your future.

Train with Us

The HGV Training Centre does not work exclusively with students learning to operate HGVs and other heavy equipment. We also provide van driver training as well. We teach our students everything they need to learn to pass their tests and operate commercial vehicles safely and efficiently. What’s more, our concentrated and fast-paced approach can have you looking for work in weeks rather than months.

HGV Class 1 Licence

The HGV training centre is one of the leading providers of commercial training in the UK. We operate more than 60 facilities staffed by professionals who know their business. Each of our trainers is fully versed in the law, standard safety practices, and operational competence. When you train with us, you are training for a long and productive career.

We want to remind haulage operators that we offer fleet training as well. Don’t forget that the CPC deadline for your HGV drivers is coming fast; call us if you need training and certification for your fleet. If you’re looking for getting started with your HGV career, getting your class 2 CAT C licence is the one for you. Get in touch for more info.


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