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Imagine driving down a busy carriageway and looking over to see a van driver asleep at the wheel while still at top speed. A video of just such an event recently became available on Facebook, prompting police officials in Scotland to ask for the public’s help in identifying the driver and a passenger who was assisting him.

The 11-second video shows the driver of the van with his arms crossed and his eyes closed. It appears as though the man is sleeping. Sitting to his left is a passenger handling the steering wheel in the absence of the driver’s attention. The passenger seems to be not all concerned about how dangerous this scenario is.

Until the pair are located, there’s no way to know for sure whether the driver really was asleep or the entire thing was just a van driving prank the two pulled in order to get a little online attention for themselves. In either case however, what they did was extremely dangerous.

According to news sources, police are understandably upset. They noted that such behaviour not only put the driver and passenger at risk, but also put everyone else on the road at risk as well. Moreover, when you consider there are more than 300 deaths every year related to tired driving, doing what these two did, and then recording and posting it online, is no laughing matter.

Commercial Driver Training with HGV Training Centre

News reports of this incident do not indicate whether the van in question was being used for commercial purposes or not. We certainly hope not. As a leading provider of commercial van driving training in the UK, we understand the weighty responsibility attached to operating a commercial vehicle on the public roadways. Commercial drivers have an obligation to make sure safety is their number one priority at all times.

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All of our training is conducted locally at more than 45 facilities located in strategic places throughout the UK. Each of our facilities is staffed by professionals who are the best at what they do. In addition, when it comes time for you to take your final road test at an approved facility, we will even send one of our trainers with you to help put your mind at ease and answer any last minute questions you might have.

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