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A UK field marketing business has become the first in the country to introduce a new fleet of service vehicles to employees utilising virtual reality technology. According to Fleet News UK, Blue Square recently took delivery of a fleet of Leon cars that were introduced to the drivers who will be using them via virtual headsets paired with Samsung smartphones. Reading the story made us wonder if virtual reality will be the future of training in the typical LGV class.

LGV training classes right now involve a combination of classroom and hands-on training behind the wheel of a late-model commercial vehicle. It all works very well. But we can see how virtual reality technology could be introduced into what we already do to make for a more exciting training experience that actually does a better job preparing drivers for what they will encounter in a real-world setting. The possibilities are fascinating.

Using Technology to Deliver

In the case of Blue Square and the fleet vehicles supplied by Seat, the cars were delivered with an added ‘wow factor’ provided by the virtual reality headsets. Blue Square and Seat partnered with Samsung and Volkswagen to create an innovative introductory package customisable to each user. Drivers were able to experience delivery of their new vehicles in a way they have never experienced before.

The Fleet News UK story did not detail how virtual reality was integrated into the delivery of the vehicles, but we imagine it must have been visually impressive. Drivers were able to experience all of the unique features of the new car from a perspective that had them sitting in a virtual driver’s seat going through options just as though they were speaking with a live sales associate.

Imagine that same sort of introduction to an LGV class. We could introduce our students to the various aspects of articulated lorries, buses, and other commercial vehicles in a setting that is more dynamic and informationally inclusive. We could get significantly more training accomplished in a shorter amount of time without the need for extra instructors. And being able to deliver it in virtual reality would add a level of realism to take learning to another level.

A Perfect Training Tool

With driverless vehicles getting closer, virtual reality would be the perfect LGV class training tool to prepare that next generation of drivers tasked with working with the new vehicles. But virtual reality is an excellent training tool even in the here and now. We can think of numerous ways to put it to use – everything from preparing students for the hazard avoidance portion of the theory test to allowing them to practice their driving skills even when they are not on-site to use one of our vehicles.

Here at the HGV Training Centre, the potential of virtual reality for LGV class training is intriguing, to say the least. It will be interesting to see where this technology goes and how it can be adapted for future training purposes.


Fleet News UK – http://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/manufacturer-news/2016/06/06/seat-introduces-virtual-reality-element-to-vehicle-handover


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