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Volkswagen, the iconic German carmaker known for decades for innovative design, is now working on new technology aimed at making driving safer. The new technology uses a variety of software and equipment resources to keep track of surroundings as a car travels down the road.

For example, one part of the system pays attention to potential pedestrians that might be walking in the general vicinity. If the system detects pedestrians are too close, and the driver does not respond, the car will break automatically to avoid a collision. The system can also be programmed to pay attention to LGVs, construction equipment, and any other vehicles on the road.

Volkswagen is working on the technology based on the assumption that there is far too much going on in traffic for drivers to pay attention to everything. However, they do not stop there. They are also implementing a number of systems to help with other tasks, like parking or pulling out of tight spaces.

If the technology meets all expectations then it is hoped that one of results will be fewer accidents between LGV and car drivers. We hope that’s the case. No amount of LGV training is capable of preventing every accident, so every bit of technology that makes it easier for drivers to know what is going on around them helps.

A similar system is now in development for LGVs; specifically for articulated lorries and the blind spots associated with their trailers. The technology is currently in the testing phase in the UK. In theory, computerised units mounted on the sides of trailers will detect cars passing on either side and alert the driver in the cab. It should help reduce the number of blind side accidents between cars and LGVs.

In the meantime, there is no substitute for quality LGV training. Good remedial training helps to:

Proper training is at the forefront of highway safety regardless of the vehicle being driven. In fact, that’s partly the rationale for requiring CPC certification. The Certificate of Professional Competence demonstrates that the driver is able to operate his or her vehicle safely and efficiently.

If you have not yet begun your CPC LGV training, the HGV Training Centre is here to help. With just a year remaining until the deadline, classes will start filling up fast. Keep in mind that all LGV licence holders must complete training by next September or face a £1,000 fine. Some drivers might even lose their jobs without certification.

We offer CPC certification training at more than 40 facilities around the country. All you need to do to get started is contact us at your leisure; new classes are forming on a regular basis. If you are a driver in a large fleet, remind your fleet manager not to neglect CPC training.


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