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By now, we are all aware of the requirements regarding CPC driver training. All PCV drivers in the UK must complete their training by September of this year (2013) in order to remain on the road. HGV drivers have until September 2014. Moreover, the government is dead serious about this, as evidenced by the fact that the VOSA recently suspended a PCV operator over the matter.

The suspension is the result of the operator having yet to begin any driver CPC courses for its workers. With less than three months to go at this point, there is little chance the operator’s drivers will be ready if they do not get started right away. The VOSA said the operator would not be allowed to resume business until at least three days of CPC training are complete.

It is unfortunate this operator has waited so long to get moving. According to a report from Link 2, the industry has known about the pending requirements for the last 10 years. More importantly, the UK government has been engaged in an ongoing publicity campaign for the last five years. For operators to not know of the requirements is highly unlikely.

The Point of CPC

The CPC requirements are part of a European Directive aimed at making sure commercial drivers operating vehicles over 3.5 tons (or minibuses carrying more than nine passengers) are capable of doing their jobs safely and efficiently. The UK is implementing the standards in order to be compliant with the European Directive.

Without UK compliance, drivers would not be able to operate their vehicles outside the confines of this country. That’s impractical for many haulage and transport companies, leading the government to implement the standards here. According to the regulations:

For many companies and individual drivers, the main problem with the training has been the cost. However, weighed against losing a licence or having a company shut down, it is a cost that needs to be absorbed in order to continue driving.

As for the PCV operator shut down by the VOSA, they have a couple of options. Their best bet is to work with a company like the HGV Training Centre. We provide fleet training for companies of all sizes; training that meets CPC requirements while also making your drivers the best on the road.

The HGV Training Centre works with independent drivers as well. Whether you need PCV or HGV training, we can help. Our CPC courses are designed to meet all legal requirements to keep you driving. All of your training is tracked as well, so you can keep up with where you are at any time by establishing an online account. This makes it easy for you to complete your training during every five-year cycle.


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