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SHD Logistics Magazine published an excellent article on 18 January (2016) talking about something they refer to as ‘complacency creep’. We would consider the article a must-read for all plant managers, logistics managers, and anyone else whose job involves overseeing forklift drivers. The article offers a necessary reminder to not let your forklift operator become complacent in his or her job.

Contributing author Kirsty Adams describes complacency creep as that slow-moving process that allows forklift operators to become careless in their daily routines due to the repetitive nature of their jobs. Adams explains that even the best-trained forklift operators can succumb to complacency creep if managers do not stay on top of making sure best practices are always followed.

This suggests that managers are equally responsible for preventing complacency. They too can become careless about insisting on best practices due to their attentions being pulled in so many directions. But if complacency in the forklift operator is to be avoided, it must also be avoided in the manager as well. One of the best ways of doing so is to provide ongoing training at both levels.

Training Acts as a Reminder

We promote regular training for both the forklift operator and his/her manager for one simple reason: it serves as a constant reminder of the necessity of best practices. This is not to say a warehouse team needs to be in a classroom every week for 10 to 12 hours of training. Rather, ongoing training can be as simple as weekly safety meetings enhanced by classroom training once or twice per year.

Properly developed training brings to mind those safety concerns that should never be forgotten. It keeps the things learned in certification training at the forefront of the forklift operator’s mind. It equips managers with the tools they need to monitor operators and prevent complacency from setting in. When forklift operators and managers receive regular training, they both become better at what they do.

We Train Forklift Operators

The HGV Training Centre is happy to say that we train forklift operators. Our initial certification programme has been developed according to standards established by the Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR). A forklift certificate can be earned in as little as five days by drivers with little or no experience; we also offer three and one-day classes for experienced drivers.

You can train to become a forklift operator before moving on to look for a job in the logistics industry. The certificate we provide upon the completion of training is your ticket to a great career. And by the way, you will need a certificate to get a job. Although companies can provide their own training, most are reluctant to do so for new hires. They prefer to hire operators who have already completed a certified training course.

As for managers and executives, do not let your forklift operators become complacent. Take the steps necessary to keep everyone on their toes.


SHD Logistics Magazine – https://www.shdlogistics.com/news/are-you-at-risk-of-complacency-creep


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