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You might be wondering what job opportunities are open to you once you’ve obtained your HGV Cat C1 licence and whether it’s worth doing the training in the first place.


With a Cat C1 licence, you’ll be permitted you to drive vehicles between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes in weight, which includes a lot of different types of service vehicles. This means that adding a Cat C1 element to your licence opens up a variety of flexible and exciting roles all across the country that offer competitive starting salaries and career progression.


Ambulance Driver

As an ambulance driver, you are a first responder to an accident or emergency and must be trained to provide emergency medical care.  Many ambulance drivers go on to become fully trained Paramedics, or Emergency Care Assistants. The Ambulance service trusts use vehicles of different sizes, so adding a C1 to your licence is a huge advantage.

ambulance driver

The average salary is between £14 – 20k, however depending on qualifications and experience there are many opportunities for career progression.


HGV Driver

An HGV driving job involves working from warehouses, depots and distribution centres to transport goods throughout the UK and also overseas. Other aspects to this job include route planning, safety checking and customer service.

HGV driver

The average starting salary is between £18k-£22k dependant on experience and location. Salary’s can go up to as much as £40k for more specialist roles once you’ve gained some additional experience.


Multi Drop Driver

Similar to the HGV drivers role, a multi-drop driver delivers a range of parcels and goods to a variety of domestic and commercial customers. As a multi-drop driver, you are required to route plan to a schedule, load and unload goods, manage paperwork and deliver customer service.

van driver licence

The average salary is around £20k dependant on experience and location, and this kind of job is ideal if you want to operate within a relatively small area, with fixed start/finish times. This is the ideal type of role if you have family commitments.


Mechanical Sweeper Driver

Mechanical Sweeper Drivers are employed by the council or local organisations to maintain the cleanliness of public roads and walkways.

road sweeper

This job requires year-round outdoor work and specialist equipment, with good knowledge of local areas, and the ability to deal with the public. The average salary is roughly £20k dependant on hours and experience.


Obtaining your HGV CAT C1 licence

If you are interested in any of these roles, all you need to do is start training for your HGV Cat C1 licence. This means speaking to our friendly team who will sort out all the paperwork for you, and guide you through the process as quickly as possible.

As long as you have a standard car driving licence and are at least 18 years old, you qualify to apply for your provisional LGV licence. You will undertake a Medical Examination, a theory exam, then the practical training course followed by the driving test. Once you’ve completed these three steps (plus a CPC Course), you’ll be ready to start work.


You can be trained in a matter of weeks, and at an affordable cost, so do get in touch so you can begin browsing the jobs section in your local area.


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