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The man believed to be the world’s oldest driver is a 103-year-old grandfather from Cambridge. With more than 80 years of driving under his belt, the former resident of Italy was driving vehicles long before most of us were even born. Even more astonishing is the fact that former milkman Giovanni Rozzo has never had an accident. Our question is this: could he pass the HGV test at 103?

Rozzo was born in Italy, where he obtained his first driving licence as a member of the military. He drove military vehicles for the next 20 years before coming to England in 1953. Once in England, he worked as an ice cream seller and milkman, giving him the opportunity to drive a van every day until his eventual retirement.

Despite having no accidents over the last 82 years, Rozzo does have a couple of speeding tickets. He claims the fines were issued during those years when he was still working for a living, driving many more miles than he does today. Rozzo’s driving now consists of visiting his wife’s grave on a daily basis and perhaps running a few errands. He says his licence is now clean.

Rozzo also says he has no intention of stopping now. As long as he is in good health, why should he? There is no upper age limit for driving licences in the UK.

No Small Feat

We mused over whether or not Rozzo could pass the HGV test based on 80+ years of motoring without an accident. While our question was not serious, his feat is still impressive nonetheless. It takes an awful lot of skill and patience, along with a bit of luck, to go that long without ever being involved in a crash. We are especially impressed given the fact that Rozzo drove a van for decades as part of his work.

Whether he could pass the HGV test or not is one thing, but it is probably safe to say that younger drivers could learn a thing or two from Rozzo. The things he does to maintain road safety are things we could all do. Perhaps someday he will grant an interview in which he will reveal his safety secrets. Until then, the rest of us can be safer by:

Safe driving is certainly no accident, so to speak. It is the result of paying careful attention to the road and being cognisant of everything around you, from the weather to other drivers to what is happening in your own vehicle. Safe driving is something we teach as we prepare our students to take the HGV test prior to obtaining a commercial driving licence. As we always say, the safe driver is the best kind of driver.


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