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A group of would-be thieves attempting to steal a tractor in Great Ellingham found themselves in a bit of a pickle. Such a pickle, in fact, that it caused them to abandon their crime before it was complete. According to EDP 24, the incident occurred on the weekend of January 24, while businesses at the old Deopham Airfield were closed.

Authorities believe the thieves broke into a local barn to steal a tractor with a loading shovel attached. However, the thieves managed to get the tractor stuck in the mud as they drove across an adjoining field. Rather than abandoning the tractor right away, the group went to nearby Womack Building Supplies where they stole a forklift truck along with straps and chains from the Roe Group.

At some point, it appears the group gave up on the theft, leaving both the tractor and the forklift in the field. No one in the group apparently had the rough terrain forklift training necessary to pull off the caper, despite having enough common sense to weight the machine before driving out to the field. Perhaps the forklift was also stuck in the mud at some point during the incident.

The various businesses involved have all said the attempted theft caused definite property damage. Although no specific number was given, the total is likely significant given the nature of the incident. Authorities are asking for the public’s help in identifying the would-be thieves.

Learning to Drive a Forklift Truck

If you set aside the legal implications of this story for just a moment, it’s easy to see why rough terrain forklift training is so necessary for drivers operating their vehicles outdoors. An outdoor environment provides many unique challenges that forklift operators do not routinely experience indoors. That’s one of the reasons the HGV Training Centre offers training programmes for rough terrain forklift operators.

Our forklift training is focused on making sure each student who completes our programme can safely and efficiently operate a forklift truck in a variety of conditions. It is not as easy as it may look to those who have never driven a forklift before. The driver has to worry about a long list of things including:

All of these things are made more difficult when an outdoor environment is involved. Between the unevenness of the ground and certain obstructions that can quickly get in the way, operating a forklift truck in rough terrain requires skill, knowledge, and a lot of patience.

The HGV Training Centre offers both individual students and company drivers the rough terrain forklift training they need to operate safely and efficiently. You will be happy to know we have more than 45 locations throughout the UK, making it convenient for you to take classes wherever you are. We invite you to check out all of our training options regardless of your needs. We cover nearly every form of commercial driving.


EDP 24 – https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/crime/tractor-thieves-getaway-foiled-by-mud-1-3286591


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