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Despite what our name might imply, the HGV Training Services (HGV Training Centre) is not restricted solely to training for category C and C1 licences. We also provide the telescopic forklift training operators need to earn their official forklift certificates. This training is invaluable for both new drivers looking for work and experienced drivers being required by employers to obtain certification.


We know you have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a training partner. We also know that it takes something special to set us apart from our competition. We are not afraid of the challenge; we embrace it. We take great pride in knowing that we have developed training programmes that meet the demands of our clients at prices that are extremely competitive. We are also proud that the majority of our students go on to long and successful careers after completing training with us.

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If you are considering becoming a forklift operator, you will need training and certification to find a job. So why not start your training right away? You can do so, simply by getting in touch with us. We believe we offer some of the best telescopic forklift training in the UK.

Understanding the Equipment

If you are confused about what a telescopic forklift is, there’s no need to be. A telescopic forklift is simply one that utilises a telescoping frame to raise forks up and down. The purpose of the telescoping design is to provide a compact unit that has minimal space requirements when not fully extended.

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Think of it in terms of the telescopic ladder mounted on a fire engine. When fully retracted, that ladder has a relatively small footprint. Yet it can reach great heights when fully extended. This is the same principle behind the telescopic forklift. For the record, telescopic forklifts are the most commonly used forklifts in manufacturing and industrial environments. They are sometimes referred to as counterbalance forklifts because they have built-in weights designed to keep them from tipping over under load.

It should be obvious that the telescoping nature of a forklift presents some inherent safety dangers. This is one of the reasons forklift training is so necessary. New operators need to be made aware of those dangers as well as effective methods for mitigating them. There is no substitute for a trained operator where safety is concerned.

High Standards a Must

While the law does not stipulate how telescopic forklift training must be conducted, or who can provide it, it does mandate that employers take the necessary steps to ensure all of their workers are safe. Employers are free to meet that legal obligation in any way they see fit. Some choose to provide training in-house while others prefer to outsource their training to a company like ours.

A primary reason for outsourcing with the HGV Training Services (HGV Training Centre) is that our standards are among the highest in the industry. And as far as we are concerned, high standards are an absolute must for workplace safety. Our standards are based on two things: our understanding of safe forklift operation and the standards set forth by our accrediting organisation, the ITSSAR.

Our training revolves around three key components:

Under no circumstances do we allow our instructors to engage in any training that does not meet our high standards. Each instructor is fully aware of what is expected of him or her, and each one is committed to making sure our standards are met at all times.

telescopic forklift training 2

Our Training Approach Is Different

What makes the HGV Training Services (HGV Training Centre) your best choice for telescopic forklift training? There are several things, beginning with our training approach. We are different in this regard because we apply a training strategy that has proven to work over decades of development.

Our training approach is fast-paced and concentrated to provide for fast learning and maximum retention. You could say we offer crash courses if that helps you understand our approach better. But referring to them as crash courses does not negate the effectiveness of our teaching approach. Our approach results in more than 90% of our students consistently passing their exams the first time. Those are the kinds of results we know future forklift operators are looking for.

In addition to speed and retention, our fast-paced approach also does not allow us to waste time on information operators do not need to know for their certification exams. It is not that this information shouldn’t be imparted, it’s just that it can be imparted on the job or through a future refresher course we offer. There is no need to include it in our five-day full course when new operators have so much to learn in anticipation of their certification exams.

Still not convinced? Our students have come to rely on us for several additional reasons. For example:

Yes, you have plenty of choices for obtaining the necessary telescopic forklift training you are after. We believe the HGV Training Services (HGV Training Centre) is your best choice. We would be honoured by the opportunity to prove it to you. If you are looking for training, contact us and speak to one of our forklift experts. We can have you trained and certified in as little as five days.

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