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The HGV Training Centre has an excellent reputation throughout the UK for our commercial driver training. We train both individual and company drivers to operate everything from articulated lorries to luxury coaches. But did you know we also offer training to non-professionals? You can come to the HGV Training Centre to learn how to safely tow a trailer and pass the car and trailer test needed to obtain a trailer licence. Our towing courses are just as effective for non-professionals as our other courses are for professionals.


It is possible to take the car and trailer test without first undergoing any kind of formal training. The government does not much care, as long as you can demonstrate you have the skill and knowledge to tow safely. But attempting to take the test without prior training is not necessarily a wise idea. The trailer test is, quite frankly, not easy to pass. Our training is designed to prepare you to pass the first time.

In addition to industry-leading training, the HGV Training Centre is also well known for our size. We currently operate dozens of training centres in and around every major metropolitan area in the UK. That means you can likely find one of our towing courses in your area. Through our size, we make training convenient regardless of where you live or work.

What Our Training Involves

The towing courses offered at our training facilities are designed to accomplish two things: prepare you to take and pass your trailer test and equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to tow safely for many years to come. In order to accomplish these tasks, we have developed a fast paced and intense training approach that focuses on short-term memory, retention, and information recall. When you train with us, you will learn:

Both our three- and five-day towing courses are heavily weighted toward the car and trailer test students will be taking upon completion of their training. While teaching for the test is not necessarily a wise thing all the time, in this case it is absolutely necessary. Why? Because it is the car and trailer test that determines whether or not you are fit to tow a trailer with your car. If you cannot pass that test, you can’t get your licence.

We concentrate on driving techniques, driving theory, and vehicle safety because those are the things addressed in the trailer test. The trailer test consists of road driving, closed course driving, and a ‘show me, tell me’ session of questions directly related to vehicle safety. Drivers must pass all three sections of the test in order to get a licence.

Why You Need Trailer Towing Training

It is not unusual for the HGV Training Centre to sign up students for one of our towing courses after they have already taken and failed the trailer test. The possibility of failing is reason enough to undergo training. But there are other reasons as well. First and foremost is the reality that towing a trailer makes driving a car significantly more difficult.

When you attach a trailer to your car, you are increasing the total weight and size of the vehicle combination. Why is this a big deal? Because weight and size affect everything from handling to braking. As just one example, the additional weight of a trailer requires more distance to stop safely than is required by your car alone. Coming to terms with that reality is a lot easier to handle in a training course than on the road, in traffic.

Other things that can affect how you drive a car and trailer include:

There is little argument about the value of training when it comes to towing a trailer. We highly recommend towing courses to anyone who owns a trailer – regardless of his or her experience level. We offer a five-day course for completely inexperienced drivers as well as a three-day course for those who have some experience but do not yet possess a trailer licence. We even offer a single day course for currently licenced drivers who just want to update their knowledge and skill sets.

How to Get Started Today

The HGV Training Centre regularly schedules new classes for each of our three towing courses. It is easy to get started; just contact us on our freephone number or get in touch through our website. We will provide all the information you need about pricing, financing, locations, and course schedules. You can sign up for the next course in your area as soon as you are ready.

New trailer owners should seriously consider taking a professional towing course before taking the trailer test. Going into the test without training is like going into the test blindly. We eliminate that blindness by preparing you for everything you will experience during the test session. In so doing, we also provide you with the confidence you need to perform well.

Please bear in mind that the HGV Training Centre is not an approved testing facility. We offer towing courses that prepare you for your trailer test, but we do not conduct the test ourselves. Your test will be booked at an approved facility at some point after the conclusion of your training. We will even send an instructor with you on the day of your test for an extra boost of confidence. It is something that has been part of our towing courses since the start.

Want to know more? Get in touch with us today.

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