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When you take a test to drive a car with a trailer, you’ll be asked a very specific series of questions.  We call them Trailer Towing Test – Vehicle Safety Questions. These questions are designed to prove you know how to drive safely with a trailer, and how to carry out your own safety checks. This part of your exam is called the ‘show me, tell me’ questions, because you’ll need to explain to the examiner how you would do certain things to make sure your vehicle is safe.

What are the Trailer towing safety questions? The ‘show me, tell me’ questions are as follows:

Under the hood

Open the bonnet and explain to the examiner where the brake fluid reservoir is. Tell them how you could go about checking the level of brake fluid, and what the safe level is by looking at the markings.

Indicators and lights

Show the examiner how you can check whether your directional indicators are functioning properly. You’ll need to put the indicators on, put the hazard warning switch on, and make sure everything is working.

Load distribution

Explain what the key safety points are when you’re loading this particular vehicle. Tell the examiner how the load should be spread evenly on the trailer over the axles, with the lower items being the heaviest and the lighter or larger items evenly placed. Show how you’d test the weight and make sure it meets the specifications.

Load security

Explain the key points of making sure the load is properly secured and is safe for other road users. Show how you would make sure the load doesn’t move or fall when the vehicle stops suddenly or turns a sharp corner.

Door Security

Show the examiner how you would check that the doors on the trailer and vehicle are secure, as well as the windows and roof lights.

Tyre checks

Demonstrate how you’d check the tread depth and pressure of your tyres, as well as their general condition. Check for cuts, bulges and that the measurements are what they legally need to be before you can drive.

Horn check

Show the examiner how you can check the horn to make sure it’s functional, taking care to test it only when you’re not on the road.

Engine coolant

Show the examiner where you can check that there’s enough engine coolant and what the right amount is. On the header tank, find the high and low-level markings and explain how you would top it up if necessary.

Brake check

Demonstrate how you would test the parking brake in case of excessive water, and show how you’d use the brake. Check it secures itself.

Windscreen cleaning

Demonstrate how to clean the windscreen, activate the wipers and the windscreen wash solution.


Demonstrate how to use the demister to clear your front and rear windows properly. Make sure the fan, temperature, direction of the air and the heated screens all work properly and that you know how to use them.

Fog lights

Show that you know how to use the rear fog lights and when you would need to use them. Show how to turn them on, along with the warning light, and explain it as you go.

Headlight operation

Demonstrate that you can change the headlights from dipped to full beam, as well as showing how you can tell the beam is in full when you’re inside the car. Show how to use the switch and check the warning light.  

Brake lights

Demonstrate how to test that the brake lights are working properly, and use the brake pedal.

Crash headrest safety

Explain how to check your head restraint is properly set up to protect you in the case of a crash. Adjust it so it’s at the right height for safety and comfort.


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