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With a category C1 licence, you can drive any van up to the weight of 7.5 tonnes, which gives you plenty of scope for lots of different vehicles. For even more flexibility, your C1 licence also allows you to tow a trailer weighing up to 750kg behind your truck, giving you a potential total weight limit of 7.5 tonnes plus 750kg. That’s a lot of haulage and more than enough for many driving jobs.


Why should you consider getting a C1 licence?

If you’re looking to drive professionally, the C1 licence is a great place to start. It’s much cheaper than other large vehicle licences including the category C licence, so you can test the market without unnecessary expenditure.  Because it’s a smaller vehicle, if you already have your regular car licence you’ll find there are far fewer hours of training needed for your C1 licence. A van is much easier and more accessible to train in than a large HGV, and much more like handling a car. If you have a car licence you may have this question in mind, Can I drive a 7.5 tonne lorry or van on a car driving Licence? If you have passed your car driving licence before 1991, you are entitled to drive up to 7.5 ton. For more detail information please call us on 03308183333 .


c1 licence

For the same reason, you’re likely to find the test easier than in a larger vehicle, meaning even less money and time spent on further training and additional tests. Finding work with a C1 licence is relatively easy. This is the most common driving certificate required for most smaller delivery companies travelling locally. You’ll also find that the pay is very similar for C1 drivers and C drivers, so you get good pay value for your time and effort.

What do you need for your C1 training?

If you do need to take a test before you can drive C1 vehicles, there are a few things you should know before you start your training. First of all, you need to be at least 18 years old and the holder of a regular car licence. Without this licence, there’s no further training you can do, because all van, PCV and HGV training is supplementary to your car licence and can’t be done instead of your car licence.

Driving professionally – especially larger vehicles – requires you to be medically fit and well. This is because you’re driving something that needs to be handled carefully and controlled to the full extent of your ability, which some medical conditions might interfere with.

what does a c1 licence entitle you to drive

To check you’re fit enough to drive, you’ll need to pass a medical exam specifically for drivers looking to upgrade their licence. This is done by a GP and you will need to pay a small amount for it, as well as getting a D4 form filled out by your doctor. Make sure to take the form along with you.

Next, you need to contact us, and we’ll take you through the process of registering for your training. Our support staff can help you with completing your D2 application form, talk you through your needs, and advise of any different types of training you might want depending on what you want to do once you’ve passed.

Before you can start your practical training, there’s a theory test to take. We can help you to book your slot, and give you all the materials you need to pass. Our online free theory test portal will help you to practice before you take the actual test. once you are confident you can take your test and get ready for your practical training & test. For more details on the HGV CAT C1 licence training price, please call us on 03308183333 .


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