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Every professional driver now operating an HGV or PCV in the UK must meet minimum standards for CPC training. There are very few exceptions. As such, it is in the interests of both independent contractors and transport managers to make sure CPC training is handled in a timely fashion. And when we say ‘timely fashion’, we do not mean just in relation to making sure training is completed before a driver’s card expires. We also mean completing CPC courses as quickly as possible so that lost production is kept to a minimum.


The HGVT (HGV Training Centre) are experts in training commercial drivers to meet or exceed all legal and industry standards. And though many people are sceptical, we are experts in accomplishing this task using crash courses. In simple terms, we utilise a very intense training approach that focuses on getting drivers trained and prepared for their exams while the information is still fresh in their minds. The average driver can complete one of our CPC courses in about a week rather than studying for months on end. Any driver who needs more time is welcome to take it.

How We Define Crash Courses

The Cambridge Dictionaries define a crash course as, “a course that teaches you a lot of basic facts in a very short time.” This definition is what most people think of when they consider a crash course. Unfortunately, the idea of teaching only basic information leads many to believe that crash courses are ineffective over the long term. That is not the way we do things that the HGVT (HGV Training Centre).

Rather than teaching only basic information, we are very thorough in our training approach. We teach our students everything they need to know to pass their exams. If something is on the exam sheet, we make sure our drivers know it before they sit for that exam. What we don’t do is waste the time of our drivers by presenting them with the unnecessary information they do not need. Such information can be gleaned from on-the-job training or in-house training provided by the employer. If it’s not necessary or relevant to the exam, we don’t spend time on it.

Does our approach work? Absolutely. Approximately 92% of our drivers pass their tests on the first attempt. Yes, you did read that correctly. Our approach works – and it works well – because we focus the drivers’ mind on the facts at hand. By concentrating everything in our CPC courses to focus only on vital facts and information, we increase retention. That retention pays off when exam time comes.

Moving at Individual Pace

It is important for us to make note of the fact that we allow each student to progress at his or her own pace. We do not force anyone to take an exam at the end of a training week. If one driver believes he or she is not ready, we allow training to continue until that person is ready. Only those drivers confident of facing their exams are encouraged to take them at the end of the standard training period. Furthermore, one of the advantages of the regulation governing CPC courses is that they give us enough flexibility to work with drivers at their own pace.

At the HGVT (HGV Training Centre), we do something else not all of our competitors does: we routinely monitor each student’s progress throughout the training programme. We do this for a very good reason. Our instructors are directed to do everything they can to make sure individual students are ready to take their exams on time. But they are also directed to recommend a student not take an exam if the instructor believes that student is not ready.

In such cases, instructors provide the extra help and support a struggling student needs to complete the material and pass the exam. The personal commitment we offer each student is one of the things that sets us above the rest. When we talk about crash CPC courses, we do not sacrifice speed for competence. Doing so would be to defeat the purposes of the CPC requirements as laid out by the government.

Training Requirements

It was assumed when the CPC training requirements first came out in 2008 that a lot of drivers would retire or move to a new line of work rather than comply with the mandate. While we have seen some of that over the last few years, it has not been as widespread as originally anticipated. We believe there are several reasons this is so:

Drivers and operators are required to undergo just 35 hours of training every five years. This is not an enormous expenditure of time by any stretch. However, we understand that every driver required to undergo essentially one week of training is also a driver that is not contributing to the bottom line. The HGVT (HGV Training Centre) has solutions for that problem.

Customised Training and Scheduling

One of the things that make the HGVT (HGV Training Centre) a leading provider of commercial driver training in the UK is our ability to adapt to client needs. We do that through our size. With more than four dozen training facilities throughout the UK, we are able to use our size to customise both training programmes and schedules.

For example, assume you are an operator with a fleet of 50 vehicles. You may want to work things out so that your entire team is trained in the same week. While they are training, all of your vehicles can undergo annual maintenance at the same time. You have essentially completed two tasks with only one week of lost production.

Conversely, your company may not be able to function by shutting down deliveries for a week. We can break your team into smaller groups and train them on a rotating basis. We can go one week at a time or one day per week over several weeks until training is complete. By rotating your drivers in smaller numbers, you still have a nearly complete staff continuing to get the job done while only a handful are out at any given time.

It is clear that some companies do a better job of providing CPC courses than others. At the HGVT (HGV Training Centre), we believe we are one of the best training companies in the business. We are also confident that our reputation speaks for itself. We hope you will consider one of our crash courses as either an independent contractor or a fleet manager looking to train your entire team. We can get your training completed quickly without sacrificing quality or standards. Contact us to learn more.

More CPC Learning Resources

If you would like to learn more about our CPC courses please don’t hesitate to contact our expert customer support team who will be happy to help you with any questions either by telephone or email. Alternatively, you can read more of our articles on CPC certification by clicking on any of the headings below:


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