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It seems as if everywhere you turn there is a company or organisation offering CPC driver training courses. But what many companies in the haulage and transport sectors are discovering is that it is hard to find the right combination of quality training and affordable prices. Most training providers offer one or the other. Either you pay dearly for high-quality training or you save some money by signing up for training courses that are not very beneficial. That should not be the case. Thankfully, it is not the case at the HGVT Training Centre.


For decades, we have served our clients by providing the best possible training we can. We believe we owe the industry our very best effort. After all, the drivers we train are the same ones responsible for a haulage and transport industry that is the backbone of the UK economy. Things would not be the same without them and the companies that employ them.

What is most interesting is the fact that training does not need to be as expensive as it is. A company like ours, with size and resources at our disposal, doesn’t have to spend a lot of money to offer CPC driver training once a course has been fully developed. Furthermore, we can very quickly recover course development costs. The only expenses that remain after that are the actual overhead costs of running our business. We believe we have a responsibility to follow a pricing structure that reflects as much.

Five Reasons to Choose Us

We will not argue the fact that you and your company have a lot of choices when it comes to CPC driver training. Some providers charge more than us, others charge less. The question is one of value. What are you getting for the amount of money you are spending? When it comes to value, we believe the HGVT Training Centre has few legitimate competitors.

In light of this, here are five reasons to choose us for your CPC driver training:

  1. Strength and Size – In any industry, the bigger players also tend to be the strongest in the field. Driver training is no different. We are one of the largest providers of commercial driver training in the UK, operating more than four dozen training centres around the country. Our size affords us the resources and opportunities to offer training at a lower cost.
  2. Convenience – Our large volume of training centres also means that working with us is convenient. We have a training facility close enough to most major metropolitan areas to make training as easy as possible. Your drivers will not have to spend hours travelling back and forth between home and training centre.
  3. Course Quality – We did not become the recognised name we are by offering low-quality training courses. In fact, we do just the opposite. The HGVT Training Centre is known throughout the UK for providing the kinds of quality courses your drivers and your company need.
  4. Industry Experience – Much of the quality we offer is directly related to the experience of our instructors. Each and every one of them was carefully chosen based on knowledge, real-life industry experience, and the ability to effectively pass on the skills and knowledge they already possess to others. Our instructors are by no means novices.
  5. Track Record – We believe one of the ways to measure the quality of a training company is its exam track record. In other words, do drivers learn what they need to learn to meet CPC requirements? Ours do. Approximately 92% of our students pass their exams in one try.

Individual Driver Support

The instructors at the HGVT Training Centre have all spent considerable time behind the wheel as professional drivers. They know full well what a challenging career professional driving is. They also know that CPC driver training can be stressful, especially among drivers who have never done very well in a testing environment. In light of this reality, we have developed a policy of individual driver support all of our instructors are required to follow.

This policy dictates a number of things that set us apart from other training companies. First, our instructors are directed to actively track the progress of every student undergoing a training course. Why is this important? Because even though many of our courses do not last longer than a week, some drivers do not have a natural aptitude for the classroom setting. They may struggle to learn and retain even as their fellow drivers progress just fine.

We don’t want any driver to face a CPC exam at the end of training without being fully prepared. By tracking student progress, our instructors can get a good idea of whether or not a particular driver is ready to be tested. If not, the instructor can provide the additional support and instructional aid necessary to prepare that student.

Second, we make it a point of never pushing a driver into the exam session if he or she believes the time is not right. Each student is allowed to progress at his or her own pace, regardless of the training course in question. It is more important that we instil confidence in our drivers, alongside the knowledge imparted, so that they know they will pass the exam before they take it.

Lastly, our driver support policy includes sending an instructor with every new driver preparing to take the practical skills test for obtaining a commercial driving licence. Doing so increases driver confidence, allows for the student to ask any last-minute questions, and helps to set the student’s mind at ease. We have found more drivers pass their practical skills test as a result.

CPC Courses for Your Company

The HGVT Training Centre has the knowledge and resources to custom design CPC courses for your company. In so doing, we can create courses that serve a dual purpose. They not only ensure you and your drivers are meeting CPC driver requirements under the law, but they also serve as an avenue for professional development. We offer real value in every course we teach.

As for the relevance of our CPC driver training, there are no worries. We utilise only the latest training materials and methodologies to ensure your drivers are truly competent and proficient in what they do. Doing things any other way would actually defeat the purpose of CPC driver training.

For more information about the CPC courses we offer at the HGV Training Centre, you need only contact us using our free phone number. You may also contact us through this website if you prefer the online method. At any rate, don’t trust the training of your drivers to a company with less experience, lack of reputable history, and higher prices. Get what you need by contacting us: low-cost, top-quality CPC driver courses for your entire team.

Please bear in mind that CPC training is no longer voluntary in the UK. It is now mandatory in accordance with EU regulations and new rules put in place in the UK in 2008. If you allow any non-certified drivers to operate your company vehicles, you could face serious fines and potential loss of your operator’s licence. If you are an independent contractor, the penalties you face could be just as serious.

CPC is now the law of the land. Rather than ignoring it or trying to fight it, invest your time and resources in obtaining the kind of CPC driver training that will make you and your company better. It is available through the HGV Training Centre.

Learn More about CPC Driver training

You can read more about the HGVT Training Centre CPC courses by selecting from the list of other articles below. As an alternative why not give one of our highly experienced customer service team a call and get the answers you need explained in detail with no fuss or bother.


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