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Anyone wishing to drive an HGV or PCV professionally must undergo a comprehensive medical exam prior to earning a first licence. Medical exams are then repeated on a regular basis after that. The exams are not difficult to pass if you are in reasonably good health, but they are intended to keep unfit drivers off the road.

The HGV Training Centre assists students to ensure their medical paperwork is in order prior to sending it in. We do not conduct the exams ourselves. With that said, here are three things you need to know about HGV medical requirements:

1. GP Examination

The HGV medical exam can be conducted by any NHS GP or approved private physician. The doctor fills out paperwork as the exam progresses, then signs it and submits it to the DVLA. A standard medical exam will include the following:

You need to also understand that your vision must be adequate, either corrected or uncorrected, to receive a satisfactory medical exam. If corrective lenses are required to pass, those lenses must be worn at all times when a driver is working. An additional visual acuity test requires a minimum 6/9 in one eye and 6/12 in the other.

Possible Disqualifications

As previously mentioned, anyone in moderately good health should have no trouble passing the HGV medical exam. However, there are some conditions that could result in disqualification if the doctor believes there is a serious safety risk. Disqualifications are possible for the following:

None of these things automatically disqualifies a driver. It is up to the attending physician to determine an individual’s ability to drive safely based on history and current health. The above list is provided merely to demonstrate that there are factors that could result in disqualification.

Exam Cost

The DVLA does not mandate that NHS doctors provide the medical exam free of charge. Therefore, some GPs do charge a nominal fee for the exam. It is a wise idea to check before setting up an appointment with your GP. As long as there is a cost involved, you might be better off seeing a private physician who has no waiting time.

If you can pass the HGV medical exam, we invite you to consider contacting us for more information about our professional driver training. We offer training for all classes of commercial licences, as well as individual training for light trailers, caravans, horseboxes, and forklift trucks. We are a leading provider of HGV training, with more than 45 facilities across the UK. Once your medical exam is complete, we can have you trained and ready to look for work in a matter of weeks. We will train you to be the best possible driver; the rest is up to you.


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