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We’ve got something very exciting to tell you – 2018 is going to be the year you change your career for good. If you’re tired of your job, tired of sitting at a desk or doing something you can’t stand and bores you to tears, we have a one-step solution for you right here.

As long as you already have your Cat B licence, you’re just one small step away from completely overhauling your career. From a Cat B licence, you can choose to take either a Cat C1, Cat C, Cat D1 or Cat D training course and upgrade your current licence in ways that will open up brand new possibilities for you.


And it doesn’t need to take ages. In fact, you can be trained, tested and passed within just 5 days. This leaves you free to apply for jobs by your self or contact our recruitment team to help you find a suitable job in your area with a potential earning up to £600 per week.

Here is an image from the recent survey done by The Sun, claiming the UK is desperately looking for 45,000+ drivers.

sun news hgv drivers in UK


Here are just a few things you can do with a simple licence upgrade.

HGV driver

Like their coach-driving counterparts, HGV drivers can travel long distances and get abroad as part of the job, but without needing to transport passengers.  If you’re less of a people person, but still want to get around in your vehicle, HGV driving jobs could be the answer.

Driverless lorries

And there are a lot of them too – 10,000 available in the UK at last count, with not enough trained people to fill them. Getting a simple upgrade to a Cat C licence gives you access to all of these jobs so you can take your pick.


Delivery Driver

Of course it’s not all about getting far away from home. Sometimes you just need a job that means you can get out and about while still sleeping in your own bed every night. Upgrade to a Cat C1 licence and you’ll be able to choose one of the many delivery driving jobs in your area, driving around your patch completing several tasks per day for lots of different types of business.

van driver licence


Tour Guide Driver

If you upgrade from a Cat B to a Cat D1, you can drive a minibus. And where do people use minibuses? That’s right, when they’re on holiday.  As well as all the minibus jobs you could do in urban areas (driving accessibility vehicles for schools or hospitals) you can also find some more exotic jobs both in this country and abroad.  From driving in the Alps to touring the Lake District, you could be the person responsible for taking visitors around beautiful scenery, and you’ll be getting paid at the same time.

Coach driver

While trains and planes remain relatively expensive ways to travel, the coach has a surprisingly large reach when it comes to alternative transport. Coach drivers who have upgraded their Cat B licence for a Cat D / PCV  version will be able to work for companies taking customers from the UK to Spain, Italy, France, Germany and other holiday hotspots. Unlike a bus driver, coach drivers tend to have long drives between stops, with everyone pre-booking in advance, so once you’ve got everyone on all you need to do is drive. Drive, and get paid of course.


If you’re looking for more information on any of the above careers, please get in touch. Don’t forget all our training courses starts with just £10.



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