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During the first few weeks of the new year, it is common for us to receive contacts from young people thinking about undergoing truck driver training. We are always happy to help by providing the kind of training they need to get their licences and land that first job. As a leading provider of professional driver training in the UK, we put hundreds of students through our programmes every single month.

Are you interested in truck driver training yourself? If so, there are some things you might not know about training:

1. There Are Different Licence Categories

Driving licences in the UK are designated under different categories relating to vehicle weight and size. For example, the Category C licence is the one held by most lorry drivers in the UK. You could obtain a Category C+E to drive larger, heavier vehicles or a Category C1 for lighter vehicles. We tailor the training for each student based on the category of licence he or she is hoping to obtain.

2. CPC Is Now Part of Driver Training

More than ten years ago, the EU began working on a competency programme designed to ensure all professional drivers were both competent and proficient. Those early plans eventually evolved into something known as Driver CPC, a scheme that was implemented here in the UK in 2009. All brand-new commercial drivers now undergo Driver CPC training as part of their licencing programme. Successful completion of training results in the awarding of a CPC qualification card the driver must keep with him or her at all times when working. Qualification cards must be renewed every five years.

3. Training Does Not Take Long

One of the primary advantages of truck driver training as compared to attending university is that driver training does not take nearly as long. Where a young person may attend university for three years or more, the average truck driving student can complete training in under a month. The reason for this is simple: you already have a valid Category B licence, so you have mastered basic driving skills. Truck driver training only has to extend those skills to large commercial vehicles.

4. You Must Pass Four Tests to Get Your Licence

Lastly, truck driver training includes four different tests you must take and pass to get your licence. The first test is the HGV theory test designed to measure your knowledge of general driving principles and your ability to identify developing hazards. It involves both multiple-choice questions and video exercises.

The second test is known as the case studies test. It is designed to measure your ability to react to particular situations that you would encounter in the workplace. The third and fourth tests are taken together; these are the driving skills and practical demonstration tests.

Truck driver training is your key to a long and successful career as a professional driver. If you would like to know more about undergoing training to get your licence, contact us right away.


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