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With the Brexit vote now firmly behind us, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) is now actively working with new prime minister Theresa May and other government officials to protect the interests of the UK logistics industry. At the top of their list of concerns are the uninterrupted flow of goods and the ability to continue hiring non-UK company drivers.

FTA chief executive David Wells recently penned a letter to May detailing the logistics industry’s position on Brexit. He insisted on the need for government to make the necessary arrangements to protect the ability of operators to continue providing robust and reliable logistics service both in the UK and abroad.

Wells also requested a meeting with the prime minister to discuss how the FTA can work with the government to come up with the best possible solutions for the UK logistics sector. Included in his letter was a copy of the FTA’s 2016 Logistics Report that should get the prime minister up to speed.

What It All Means

For the last several years, the logistics industry has been suffering through a significant driver shortage. Whether it’s company drivers or independent contractors, there are simply not enough young drivers entering the industry to replace those that are retiring or transitioning to other careers. The problem is made worse by an expanding economy that is increasing demand for freight hauling and transport.

With the Brexit vote now a done deal, there is the very real risk that UK operators will not have access to non-UK drivers in the future. That would make hiring new company drivers more challenging than it already is. If our negotiators do not come up with a good deal that protects our ability to hire non-UK employees, there’s no telling how haulage and transport companies will make up the deficit.

One thing is for sure; there will be no shortage of jobs available to new drivers for the next several years. Any young person looking to embark on a new career would be wise to consider undergoing HGV or PCV training in order to earn a commercial driving licence. Companies are desperate to hire right now.

Train Now, Pay Later

The HGV Training Centre offers HGV and PCV training to both new and already-employed company drivers. We help new drivers obtain their licences and experienced drivers maintain their CPC certification. And we do it all at an affordable price.

If you are interested in driver training but don’t have the cash on hand, the HGV Training Centre offers a train now, pay later option. We partner with a financing company to offer a package that will let you train now and pay for your training over time. Best of all, you can complete your training in a matter of weeks and be ready to start looking for work after that. We even offer job placement assistance to all drivers who complete their training at one of our UK facilities.


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