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If you are planning to tow a trailer of any substantial size and you got your car licence after 1 January 1997, you will most likely have to take the towing test first. Here at the HGV Training Centre, we provide the kind of training and test preparation that drivers need to pass the towing test at the first attempt. Having said that, would you take a Lamborghini to the test?

We ask because the Daily Mail recently reported on an Australian driver caught on video towing a trailer with bales of hay and two goats using a Lamborghini Murcielago estimated to be worth AUS $500,000-$900,000. The video is quite bizarre to anyone who appreciates the value of fine Italian sports cars.

The video was shot by the passenger in another car that happened to be driving alongside the Lamborghini as it made its way through town. Other drivers are seen passing the car and trailer combo, chuckling as it goes by. But the Lamborghini’s occupants were completely oblivious to the whole thing.

The man who uploaded the video said, “why not?” We appreciate his enthusiasm. All we would say is that before you tow a trailer with any kind of vehicle, make sure the car is up to the task. It needs to be able to support the weight of the trailer safely; it also needs additional safety equipment installed in some cases.

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As nice as it would be to have the luxury of being able to tow hay bales and goats with a Lamborghini, it is more important to us that our students learn everything they need to know in order to pass the car and trailer test. There is quite a bit to learn, but not so much that students cannot learn it all very quickly.

We offer comprehensive towing classes that cover every area that students will eventually be tested on. We teach students proper driving techniques that include accelerating, cornering, controlled braking and reversing. We also teach how to do a proper walkaround check and complete other tasks, including fluid checks.

It is entirely possible to take and pass the towing test without any sort of formal training. Drivers do it all the time. Still, we believe professional training is a wise idea given the difficulty of the test and the fact that new trailer owners may not be familiar with the nuances of safe towing. Training not only prepares you to take the test but it also familiarises you with how to tow safely long after the test is over.

You may never have the opportunity to drive a Lamborghini that is worth hundreds of thousands of pounds. But owning a trailer means you will have plenty of opportunities to tow. Please contact us to learn more about our trailer and towing classes offered at more than four dozen facilities throughout the UK. We can prepare you for the towing test quickly and affordably.


Daily Mail – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3709820/You-kidding-bizarre-moment-Lamborghini-seen-towing-trailer-GOATS-hay-bales.html


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