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There are times when you might need to get the specialist extra layer of certification on top of your HGV driving licence, for when you’re doing very specific types of work. While this does mean undertaking a bit of extra work to have your vehicle tested and to get qualified yourself, it can also mean higher earnings and more types of driving jobs to choose from.


The ADR test is what you’ll need both you and your vehicle to pass if you want to take work transporting dangerous goods. This test makes sure you know everything you need to know to be able to transport hazardous goods safely, and it also examines your vehicle for its suitability to safely carry potentially hazardous materials in bulk by road. You’ll need both you and your vehicle to have passed this test in order to carry any kind of explosive or otherwise dangerous materials in a commercial capacity, whether that vehicle is an HGV or a trailer.


An ADR test helps to protect other road users and the public, but it also protects you, making sure your vehicle meets the standards required to keep dangerous cargo safely contained for the duration of your journey.

How long the ADR training last?

Normally the training will last 3-4 days but at some centres, we take it to 5 days based on the number of candidates in the course. Making sure everyone gets that attention and detail aspect of the course. But a refresher course will run for 2-3 days. IT also depends on which modules you have opt-in for. If you’re looking for dangerous goods like petrol tank driver then teh course will be trimmed down to teh core topics you need. Please speak to our expert course advisors to know which one suits you the best. At the end the ADR test will have multiple choice questions to test your knowledge of understanding.

Here are some of teh topics we cover:
1. Core

2. Packages

3. Tanks

4. Class 2 Gases

5. Class 3 Flammable liquids

6. Class 4 Flammable solids

7. Class 5 Oxidising agents

8. Class6. Toxic substances

What does the test for drivers involve?

During the ADR training you’ll learn to pass the core test, which is the main standards and procedures you need to know for carrying dangerous materials. There are also separate training modules and tests for tanks and packages as forms of transportation, and for materials including gases, flammable liquids, flammable solids, oxidising substances, toxic materials, radioactive materials, corrosive materials, and miscellaneous items not covered in the other modules.

You can take the test online or on paper.

Will the ADR test improve my earning potential?

Very probably. If we consider tankers and tanker drivers as the best example transporting hazardous materials, you’ll see a significant difference in the average salary you can earn by driving this type of vehicle and load rather than a standard HGV.

The average annual HGV driver’s salary currently stands at £25,000, while tanker drivers can earn an average of £33,500 per year.


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