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Digital drivers’ cards were brought in for many HGV drivers to make the process of tracking your driving hours even easier. Drivers’ hours are extremely tightly regulated to avoid accidents caused by tiredness, which can otherwise be fatal, so this new tool is aimed at keeping everyone safe on the roads including you. The cards automatically track your speed, movement and time on the road, so it builds up an accurate picture of your driving which can be quickly and easily checked to make sure it’s within all legal limits.

Digital Driver’s Cards

Because they are so important for safety, digital drivers’ cards are also very closely regulated, and if you’re not careful you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law with your card quite easily. Breaching any of the laws around digital drivers cards can see you imprisoned for up to two years – that’s how important these cards are. We at HGVT during our HGV Training Course take the Driver cards module very seriously. This part of training is included in your CPC training.


However, if you stick to this guide you’ll have no trouble at all.

Produce your card

Any time you’re asked to produce your card when you’re driving a relevant vehicle, you should provide it. This applies even if you’ve never used your card before. If you have it, you need to show it when asked.

Keep your details up-to-date

Your digital drivers’ card should always have your current and correct details on it. If you spot any errors you should let the DVLA know immediately. The same goes if you change your address or any other personal details logged on the card.

Use it properly

Know how your card works, and use it accordingly. If there is a problem with you card, or you’re having any trouble using it, report it to your employer and the DVLA.

Report any problems

If your card is lost or stolen, or is damaged to the point that it can’t be used, report this to the DVLA immediately if possible, and make sure you do so within 7 days to stay within the law. If your card is damaged you’ll also need to send it back to the DVLA, and if you think a card is lost or stolen and have reported it but later find it you’ll need to send the card to the DVLA after you’ve downloaded the data from it.

When you’re between cards

If you’re waiting for a new card for any reason – perhaps because the old card was lost or damaged – you’ll need to make printed records at the beginning and end of each day which include your name, licence number or driver card number, as well as the vehicle registration number, and your signature on the printed pages.

Holding other cards

You can’t hold another driver card issued by the UK at the same time as you have a driver card from another EC Member State. The card you need depends on where you actually live for at least 185 days per year, and if you change your main address from the UK to another EC Member State or vice versa you’ll need to make the relevant applications to change cards. You’re also not allowed to have more than one card that has your own details on it, unless this is in the one month time period between your current card expiring and your new card coming into use, or if you hold onto your expired card as well as your current card.

Altering cards

If you or anyone else forges or alters a card that’s found to be in your possession, or records false data, or in any way tampers with the data being recorded, you can be found in breach and can face penalties for this.



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