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South Central Ambulance Service is in desperate need of paramedics to staff its fleet of ambulances. According to the Daily Echo, they could easily use an additional 260 hires. And they are not alone. The need for professionals is profound all across the UK. There are just not enough people willing to complete paramedic and ambulance driver training to close the holes in the ranks.

The unions representing paramedics say the two biggest hindrances are work-related stress and pay. Although others would disagree, the Paramedic Resource Centre says that ambulance workers are the most likely among all healthcare workers to be assaulted on the job. That would certainly add to job stress levels.

As for the pay, it starts at £21,500 for an NHS employed paramedic. Starting pay can be as high as £28,000 with enough experience. The NHS also offers a pension, ongoing training and 27 leave days plus paid holidays. Salaries can eventually reach £34,000 or more for supervisors and paramedics with advanced training.

As for the driving licence requirements, these depend on the individual ambulance trust, the vehicles they operate, and any additional requirements they have put in force. New drivers must have a full manual licence at minimum.

Our Training Programmes

The HGV Training Centre offers students the professional driver training they need to get a great job. We offer various classes that would qualify for ambulance driver training under most trust schemes. For example, we can train you to earn your C1 licence for medium-sized vehicles weighing up to 7,500kg, which would meet the requirements of many ambulance trusts in Britain. We can provide additional training when a trust requires entitlements for carrying passengers.

All of our training takes place at one of the 45+ facilities we operate throughout the UK. Each facility is staffed by professional trainers who have the skill, knowledge and experience you need to learn quickly and effectively. We even send one of our trainers with each student on the day of their practical skills test.

If you are thinking of becoming a professional ambulance driver, we invite you to contact us for details regarding our ambulance driver-training programme. Not interested in ambulance driving as a career? No problem. We offer many other training options as well.

The HGV raining Centre is a UK leader in professional driver training. We can help you earn your HGV licence to operate articulated lorries, tipper trucks, and heavy construction equipment. We can help you earn your LGV licence to drive vans, or your PCV license for operating minibuses, buses, and coaches. We even provide forklift driver training and certification.

Our primary goal as a training company is to make sure we are putting the safest and most competent drivers on the road. We accomplish that goal by concentrating only on the specific skills and knowledge necessary to drive commercial vehicles. If you want to know more, contact us on our free phone or through this website.


  1. Daily Echo – https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/11635468.paramedics-in-crisis/


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