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As you may already know, we can help you to get your HGV license with the best training available. Thanks to our Job Search we can also help you to find the perfect HGV driving job once you’ve pass.

 We won’t stop there; we’ve already discussed some of the surprising things you might find useful in your new career as an HGV driver, whether that’s ways to make your cab more comfortable to live in, or additional skills you might want to learn so you can get along better on the road.

 Now we’re going to show you some brilliant apps that you should consider downloading because they could also help you to be a better and happier HGV driver.

Trucker Timer

 This app is great for timing your hours on the road, so you can keep track of them with precision. It can save you from accidentally going over your hour limits – which are closely regulated by EU laws. This can save you from a fine whilst also keeping you and others safe by making sure you’re properly rested.

 It’s also very handy for being able to produce accurate records whenever you need them. Specifically designed for long haul HGV drivers, this app is a great resource and it’s also free to download on both Android and iPhone.


 Another app created specifically for HGVs and other kinds of trucks, NavTruck takes into account the size, weight and load type of your vehicle and guides you along the best route to get to your destination.

 You can download maps for specific regions around Europe, and take the best option for you depending on your needs. You can tell NavTruck to go via truck stops, avoid tolls, take the quickest route, and navigate around problems on the roads.

HGV Parking

 A lot of the time, the driving itself is absolutely fine; it’s finding somewhere to park your huge HGV that’s the problem.

 Find the best places to park all around Europe with your exceptionally large vehicle, thanks to this handy app.

 It takes into account the size and classification of your truck, plus the parking restrictions nearby, so you can spend less time trying to figure out road signs and more time either driving where you need to go, or parked up taking a well-deserved break.

 Motorway Buddy

 With a full breakdown of all the truck stops in the UK, Motorway Buddy is your friend when it comes to finding the best place for a break.

 Not only does it list every single one in the country, but it also has a full description of the facilities available at each one, as well as the cost to park and the contact information in case you want to call ahead.

Daily Defects

 Record your daily vehicle inspection with this convenient app, which helps you keep track of your legally required duties with an easy to complete form.

 The app is designed so that all the information you need to fill in is aligned with VOSA’s UK regulations. You can make a note of any defects or problems, and even add pictures if you need to.

 The records you keep can then be turned into PDF reports that you can send to your manager and keep for yourself too. It’s very handy to be able to make these important notes in your phone in a way that’s been specifically designed for your needs, and it covers you in case you need to present evidence of your daily checks.

Euro Truck Driver (Simulator)

 We’ve saved the weirdest until last, and we have to say that this final app has also been a surprise hit with people who probably never have any intention of getting behind the wheel of an HGV in their lives.

 We’re slightly cheating because it’s more of a game, but this is the download for you if you want to get a feel for driving an HGV round Europe. Perhaps you can use it in preparation for taking on a new route, or just because you love driving so much that you even want to play at doing it in your spare time.

 A detailed, simulated driving game, you can experience driving around real routes in Europe, in real time, and in a variety of weather and light conditions. Customise your HGV, pick your locations, and even play with a friend as you simulate being an HGV driver for real from your phone. Perhaps as real life HGV drivers you can tell us how closely you think it matches your own experience on the roads of Europe?

 Have you found any other apps that have made your life as an HGV driver easier or more fun? Share them in the comments and help other drivers download the best ones.


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