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Unlike most other working vehicles, an HGV is a home as much as it is a form of transport. It doesn’t matter how efficient it is to drive, how powerful the engine is, how easy it is to turn, or how reliable it is, if it’s not properly equipped to comfortably house you for the time you’re on the road then it’s not going to be fun to drive.

 You’ll be sitting, sleeping, eating and relaxing in your cab for days, weeks or even months on end so it’s vital that it’s decked out with your comfort in mind, as well as the ability to haul cargo around the world.

 Tempting drivers with luxurious cabs is just one of the things some firms are doing to bump up their driving force, but if you’re not fortunate enough to find yourself in a $240,000 cabin, there are still a few things you can do to make sure you have a pleasant journey

Sitting pretty

 Your seat might be fine for you to sit in for a few hours without causing you any noticeable problems, but after a few days it could be a different matter and you could find yourself developing twinges, aches and spasms. Even more so if your posture isn’t perfect to begin with. Driving is no different to a sedentary desk job in that you’re sitting down for very long periods of time, so you need to make sure you’re sat as comfortably as possible to prevent back problems from developing or being exacerbated.

Seat cushions are your friend here. There are all kinds of orthopaedic and high-tech versions for long distance drivers that will force you to sit in a healthy position without feeling unnatural, and your back will thank you for it. Ask for one as part of the job if you can.

 Sleeping accessories

 Getting enough quality sleep is essential for your safety, as well as the safety of everyone else on the road. It boosts your response times and your concentration, as well as your judgment. If you have to sleep in your cab, it can be difficult to get that quality sleep if you don’t have everything you need.

At the very least make sure you’ve got curtains in the cab, or a sleep mask to block out the light, and some ear plugs so you can get some peace and quiet. If you’ve got a mattress in the cab, a mattress topper can add an extra layer of comfort as well as being removable for washing to keep your cab smelling fresh. Nobody has ever regretted bringing an extra pillow either.

 Food on the go

 Service stations are handy, but they’re not exactly culinary hotspots and you’re completely at the mercy of whatever pre-packaged processed food or overpriced cafe fare happens to be on site. Unless, that is, you’re kitted out in your cab to make your own meals. Whilst you can’t be expected to cook three full meals a day and drive as well, there are ways you can take back some control over your meals by taking advantage of the latest mobile cooking technology.

A 12v kettle is a must, and if you’ve got space you can also get a 12v or 24v microwave as well. Portable stoves like the Jetboil (although chiefly aimed at campers) can also be used by truckers as a reliable tea and noodle-making resource, and a travel frying kit is also an easy option if you want to make your own proper breakfast.

 And the rest?

 Wet wipes, towels, portable chargers, leads to plug a phone into the cab stereo and a portable nightlight that won’t drain your battery are also recommended, but if you’ve got any other tips for new HGV drivers then please leave them below and share your wisdom.


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