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As a leading provider of HGV training in Derbyshire, the HGV Training Centre knows there are certain roads off-limits to heavy goods vehicles travelling in and around the town of Brethby. But apparently, a small group of rogue drivers continue to defy restrictions by using roads they are prohibited from. Local residents aim to change that.

The Burton Mail reported on February 10 about a group of residents who have joined forces with the Derbyshire Police and the County Council to bring an end to the illegal use of certain local roads. Residents are being asked to mark down information on any vehicle in violation and report that vehicle to the police or the council’s trading standards agency.

According to the County Council, both environmental and weight restrictions are in place to protect the local region. Weight restrictions limit the wear and tear on local roads and bridges, while environmental restrictions exist to protect both property owners and drivers. Drivers who disregard the restrictions are endangering themselves, local residents, roadways, and the environment.

The Burton Mail says officials have two means of addressing violators. The first is to issue a first-time warning to deter drivers from repeat offenses. Subsequent multiple offenses can result in an official report and court appearance for the driver in question.

HGV drivers operating in and around Brethby are urged to become familiar with the weight and environmental restrictions and stay off those roads they are prohibited from using. Doing so not only protects everyone involved, it also helps the drivers maintain their own reputations and those of their employers.

HGV Training in Derbyshire

The HGV Training Centre offers HGV training in Derbyshire as well as more than 40 locations around the UK. You can rest assured that we pay attention to weight and environmental restrictions whenever any of our vehicles are on the road. As a rule, we strive to always obey any restrictions put in place, regardless of the types of training we are offering.

If you are interested in becoming a commercial vehicle driver, we can provide training for the following types of vehicles:

Our training methods are specifically designed to teach you only those skills and principles you need to safely and efficiently operate on public roads. We supply the training in a way that insurers you retain the information you need to pass your tests the first time. That is what makes us one of the leading providers of commercial driver training in the UK.

What’s more, the HGV Training Centre offers classes for both individual and company drivers. Whether you are just starting out with a new licence or you are a seasoned driver in need of CPC training, we have classes to meet your needs. Just contact us using the free phone number provided on this website. We will get you started right away.


Burton Mail – http://www.burtonmail.co.uk/News/Cooperation-is-key-to-tackling-HGV-issue-20140210123830.htm


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